10 Must-Know Tips to Creating the Best Gift Registry

gift registry

Planning to do a gift registry for your wedding? Well, you’re off to a great start as this smart decision is a step towards a waste-free and stress-free wedding. A gift registry allows couples to create a list of gifts they would love to receive on their wedding and share with their guests.  The guests can buy or contribute towards anything on this list, so they can be assured that whatever they get the couple will be loved not re-gifted. But to ensure your registry is a resounding success and loved by your guests, there are some tips and tricks you need to follow. And we’ve compiled them into one super-useful list. So read on and get inspired  to create the best wedding gift registry


  • Start your registry on time

You’re creating a list of gifts you would want to start your married life with, and guests will spend a considerable amount of money on this. So make sure you give yourself enough time to think through the items you add. The ideal time to start working on your gift registry is 10 weeks prior to your wedding date.


  • Integrate with a wedding website

A registry may end up looking dry if it’s just a link to your gift list. Wedding Wishlist allows you to create a free wedding website where you can share your story, pictures, function details, guest book, travel details and more with guests. The gift registry is a part of this website and looks a lot more aesthetic when shared in this format.


  • Go easy on gift cards

A mistake couples often make when creating their registry is to only add gift cards to it. Guests like to know what they’re gifting the couple and that’s why actual gifts are always the first to be purchased on a registry. So it’s ok to add some gift cards, but also add actual gift options for them to choose from.


  • Do a good mix of gifts

Gifts you can add to your registry go well beyond kitchen appliances and home décor. You can add experiences, holidays, personal care, gadgets and even charities to your registry. So mix it up and let your guests take their pick!


  • Vary the price points

While a gift registry gives the guest an option of contributing towards or group gifting an expensive item on a registry, there are many who like to feel like they have bought the couple a complete gift. So give options for various price points, especially in the range of popular gifting budgets like Rs 1,100, Rs 2,100, Rs 5,100 and Rs 11,000.


  • Add an experience

This one is purely for the couple. In the never-ending barrage of gifts, you’ll be receiving, it never hurts to have a little holiday or getaway. You’ll relish this the most in the weeks post your wedding.


  • Write a nice message for guests

When you create a gift registry, you have the option of leaving a note for your guests there. Make sure this is written well. Are you moving into a new home and want gifts that will help you set it up? Having guests coming from outside and don’t want to bother them carrying gifts? Want to donate to charity? Or simply want a wedding where no gift is re-gifted? Share what you’re feeling with your guests in a nicely worded message.


  • Print the gift registry link on your invitation

Share your gift registry link on your digital or printed invitations so it is convenient for guests to access all the information they need without it being an intrusive or in-your-face message.


  • Involve your close family & friends

Inform your close people about the gift registry, so if anyone asks them for wedding gift suggestions, they can just direct the guest to the registry. The same holds true for you, as the couple is always asked, “What would like for your wedding’.


  • Share in advance

The biggest mistake people make with their gift registry is to share it with guests at the last minute. By this point, most guests have already purchased a gift. The best time to share a registry is 6-8 weeks prior to the wedding so guests can take their time, plan and buy something they like.

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