4 easy tips on choosing the right vehicle for your road trip

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We, as a family are into Travel and Blogging professions so both are passionate travelers. Long holidays are taken once a year but impromptu road trips keep on coming up on weekends. We generally tend to take around 500km ones on a short weekend and longer ones on extended weekends. While talking about the essentials of Road Trip the first and foremost thought that comes to our mind is choosing the right vehicle. A major part of our travel depends on how our journey on the road goes across and how comfortable are we when we reach our destination. And what brings that feeling of being comfortable…a perfect car for a perfect road trip.


Important tips as you choose your right car :

Choose car as per Driving Conditions:

The type of trip should define the model of the car required for the same. If you plan to indulge in Off roading activities and drive through rough terrains an SUV is a must. Big tyres, 4 wheel drive, high ground clearance, various driving modes all play an active part in the driving experience. If we talk about a city or a highway drive choosing a perfect Sedan is a great option. A car which is fast, drives smoothly, gives a good mileage to run long distances and is comfortable is important. You can always compare the vehicle features and specifications on


Vehicle with enough trunk space is a boon:

While planning a road trip and traveling with family, it is important to choose a car which accommodates all essential luggage and also provides ample space to fit the luggage evenly and makes it easily accessible. SUV’s score high on the same as the trunk is reachable from inside the car and helps to avoid too many stops while driving on a time constraint vacation.


Internal space management and features:

When we talk about spending long hours driving, a car with comfortable and smart interiors acts as a perfect companion. Enough bottle and cup holders, Flexible back seats to help kids relax when tired, a good music system to entertain on long drives, comfortable seats with adjustable features while driving, minimal cabin noise are some of the essentials which are to be noted.


Safety features a must for long ones:

All the comfort and pleasures should never come at the cost of safety measures. Make sure the car has basic features like Airbags and ABS as a must. Getting a thorough checkup like wheel balancing and alignment, tyre pressure checks, oil and coolant levels measures are important before you head to have a memorable trip and hassle-free trip.


Hope the tips help you take some informed decisions before you head for a long road trip. Do share feedbacks and comments on other aspects, which really come handy while on your car on a long-distance travel.

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