9 best smelling and everlasting perfumes for women

perfumes for women

When you are getting ready with your best attire and having the perfect hair day the thing that makes it a complete look is the smell you carry along. You have always envied the person who walks across and the place is filled with the pleasant fragrance. If you wish to be that exact person who wears the smell according to their personality which charms everyone in the room then you have landed on the right page. Here is a list of most trusted perfumes for women and by women which are also available on flipkart sale on perfumes which have not just been ranked higher but have stayed in the market for as long.

  • Omnia- BVLGARI:

It is something which is very pure and fresh smell. It has a lot of combination smell of flowers which is not just attractive but very appealing. There is a very soul suiting aroma that the perfume produces after the original smell has not worn off. This is not something bad as the perfume does not ditch you even when you have worn it for long.

  • Roberto Cavalli:

The brand does not need any recognition and this is something which should be a part of every list. The perfume stays long and has a very feminine fragrance. It has the dominant smell of orange blossom and combination of vanilla. If you want something that will make you stand out in the crowd then this is exactly what you need. It is not going out of style in the near future.

  • The seductress- Flirtatious:

This one is for your special mood when you are feeling a little yourself!!! It has a floral fruity fragrance which has raspberry sweetness at the core and then a touch of creamy fragrance which makes it so attractive. It is romantic and sensitive and makes people go head-over-heels when you walk with it. It is for all your social gathering and special lunch dates.

  • The Mysterious – Alien By Thierry Mugler:

When you wish to be absolutely subtle yet impressive then this perfume is for you. This one has a mysterious aura and along with that, it comes in a really sexy bottle which has a very strange shape compared to what the perfume bottles we are used to.

  • Seductive- Guess:

When you are looking for something that stays long then this has to make it to the list. The main fragrance is a little citrus and fruity but the main fragrance that will stay with you is jasmine. The base is musk and vanilla which blends well with the skin and makes it a perfect for the evening wear. It is strong that it lasts for longer than usual.

  • Versace Crystal Noir:

The most important smell that one will realize with this one is the Musk and Amber with the domination of Gardenia. This one has made an impact superseding every other perfume of Versace as stated by many users. It lasts long and is perfect wear for all occasions.

  • Cool water- Davidoff:

This one will be the lightest which will touch your skin. The best aquatic fragrance that has stood the test. The fragrance can still be felt even after the days wear and shower. This last long and has a very refreshing sensation. Something which is suitable for all occasions and for all time during the day. It covers the users for the whole day. The Cool Water Sea Rose EDT for Women is one of the great perfumes from this range by Davidoff. Let your aroma spill the sass wherever you go and explore other luxury ranges of perfumes on Shoppers Stop online store.

  • Tommy Girl- Tommy Hilfiger:

This one is a complete fruity fragrance which is only for women. It is a feminine fragrance that will stay with you for the whole day. It has black current and camellia as the top notes and blends with violet, grapefruit, lemon, and lily. The bottle is easy to carry and use. Tommy has dedicated this one to the use of the girls who love the sweet fragrances.

  • Lovely- Sarah Jessica Parker:

The signature scent by the all glamorous this perfume is for all your special occasions. It has a sexy touch but at the same time, it is undeniably classy as well. It is not very strong but one fragrance that can be easily identified amongst many It also has a little touch of lavender. There are further notes of apple martini, orchids and daffodils developed later. Everything is very discrete and nothing too sharp can be felt when you wear it. A great opion when you want to wear something light from the range of perfumes for women.

The women users are very particular and they require something which does not feel odd on them. The fragrance they wear might be picked from the most liked list but is always something resonated with them. This list is thus very carefully created which contains all the perfumes for women which do not feel at all odd on the skin.



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