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The magic of having a baby is one of the most beautiful moments one can experience which is followed by a lifetime of learning and treasured moments.

When you have a little one in your house, there is one thing that is a must-have in your bag – the baby wipes. As a mom, I have always picked up best for my child and brands like Mother Sparsh always promise to deliver the best for the little angels.

99% Water Wipes…the new launch byIndia’s leading baby wipes brand

Mother Sparsh has recently launched an extra gentle version of Water wipes which are 99% #UnscentedWaterWipes. These unscented pure wipes are specially designed for newborns, infants with sensitive skin and also meant to clean the hands and mouth of children. Particularly, the medical grade cloth is so soft making it gentle on even the most sensitive part of the baby. These wipes have been curated keeping in mind the sensitive skin of the newborns and can also be used to clean face, hands and other parts of the body

As I said, Mother Sparsh aims at delivering the best and here are the reasons, completely based on my usage, will make you believe my words…

Why 99% Pure water wipes- Pure& mild as water, Soft as Cotton

  • We all wish to give a chemical free and a completely natural world to our babies. These 99% Water wipes help us in fulfilling this wish to an extent.
  • They remain moist for a long time. Why? Because unlike other wipes, they come in a pack with a moisture lock plastic lid, keeping the goodness of the wipes locked for a longer time.
  • These pure baby wipes offer all the benefits of cotton wool and cooled boiled water, just as suggested by paediatricians. This is because the fabric used in Mother Sparsh is of Medical Grade & soft for the need of wrinkled baby skin.
  • They are completely fragrance-free and thus are completely safe for babies with sensitive skin or even for those who cannot tolerate the mildest of the fragrance. While cleaning mouth & hands, it serves the complete purpose without exposing the baby skin to harmful chemicals & strong fragrances.
  • Purified water combined with the super soft plant derived fabric makes it not just gentle for the baby but even for the environment.
  • They are extra soft and absorbent, with a clean, fresh and non-greasy feel.
  • These are #SuperThickwaterWipes when compared to any other wipes.
  • These #ExtraGentlewipes are helpful in providing the gentlest cleaning of baby’s skin possible.
  • The #MedicalGradeFabric makes us, mommies, free from tension of a diaper rash.


Mother Sparsh to Mother Earth

Unlike other baby wipes, made of polyester making them non-biodegradable and also harsh on baby’s skin, this brand serves the purpose extremely well by providing gentlest care to the baby and environment.

  • Wet wipes are the 3rd largest consumer item which comes in the list of non-biodegradable waste. Baby wipes contribute 6 billion pounds of garbage every year.  So, using Mother Sparsh water-based wipes does your bit for the environment – A natural and 100% Biodegradable Wipes.


  • Mother Sparsh Baby Wipes are not only just gentle on baby’s skin but is also kind on the environment.

Just a click away..

Mother Sparsh premium wipes are reasonably priced at Rs.299/- and are available at Amazon at just a click away.


I sometimes would have a disinfectant sprayed all over my house or sometimes would not allow my little one to roll on the grass in the garden or make sand castles on the beach but now I would actually much prefer my son to come in contact with everyday germs rather than harsh chemicals.

This mom is happy to carry Mother Sparsh Premium Wipes, where ever she goes. These offer all the purity, with good cleaning power.

So now, I feel comfortable letting my baby get mucky, knowing that when it’s time to give his hands and face a quick clean, I am rest assured that the skin is staying pure.

Hope my review would be helpful to you in picking up the best for your child..

Happy Parenting!!








My new identity is I am a mother of a two year old. I am a teacher and a learner too but as of now a SAHM or rather WFHM as I always like to be financially independent...

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