The amazing actors of ‘Kolamavu Kokila’

buy Autodesk Quantity Takeoff 2013 Who is here to rule Tamil Cinema? Let me answer for you, it’s our very own Lady Superstar, Nayantara. I’m not saying this just because I’m in love with her. It’s because of her impeccable acting skill, with which she has managed to pull off the impossible in Tamil Industry – getting movies that revolve around the female lead. This became very evident from her recent hit Kolamavu Kokila. The movie did wonders in the theatres, winning hearts of both the general public and the critics.

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However, the entire credit for the movie’s success cannot be given to the Nayantara alone. The supporting actors did proper justice to their roles and that’s what made the movie a super hit of 2018. I just watched it again yesterday for like the 10th time, and I thought why not write an article about it. So, here is an article about some of the fantastic supporting characters in Kolamavu Kokila.


Yogi Babu: He is the new internet sensation and let no one tell you otherwise. The actor has been in the industry for a long time, but it was quite recently that he started getting fame for his acting skills. Think about this, the comedian gets an entire song ‘Kalyaana Vayasu’ revolving around him in the movie.


In the movie, Yogi Babu had a good screen presence and killed it each time he was on it. The best part about his performance is that you can relate yourself a lot with his personality and comic sense. Right after Kolamavu Kokila, the actor has been offered with some amazing roles and his fans could not be any happier.


Saranya Ponvannan: Who does not know her? Unless of course, you have been alienating yourself from the others in the recent decade. She is the mother of Tamil cinema, in that I mean no one else can pull off a mother’s role better than her. In Kolamavu Kokila, she plays as the mother of Nayantara, and I can’t think of anyone who could have done it better. With the already perfect mom vibe she had, Saranya ma’am enhanced her role by adding a little humour to it. For example, when she hits one of the antagonists and asks her family to help her kill him, is when I killed myself by laughing.


Saravanan: Our very own Chithappu is playing the role of a police officer and to be quite honest he nailed it. His character had a grey shade to it with intentions that were not clear till the very climax which made us buy the story more. Though he does not comes across as an important character at the beginning of the movie, his character becomes more prominent as the story unravels.


Honourable Mentions: There has to be an honourable mention in this article just for the sheer fun that you get every time you watch it. The first one goes to the one who played the father of Nayantara, Mr R. S. Shivaji. The second one goes to the Anbu Thaasan who plays a one-sided lover in the movie. Also, VJ Jacqueline also nailed her part and left us asking for more.


Though I went to the movie just for watching Nayantara, I was startled by the performance of the other leads because they were that fabulous. You have to watch the movie if you have not already. Let me know your thoughts about them in the comment section. Who was your favourite from the movie?


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