Changes that pregnancy hormones bring to your body

hormones Pregnancy

purchase Video Copilot BackLight Pack During the nine months of pregnancy woman’s body undergoes many transformations. While some of them such as weight gain and growing tummy are noticeable, many others like morning sickness and growing uterus are not directly visible. The pregnancy hormones are the main culprits that can cause the changes that might take many women by surprise.

Hair and Nails

The woman finds more hair not only on her head but also on the unwanted places like back, chin, upper lips and nipples. Increased blood flow to the toes and fingers result in faster nail growth but at the same time brittle and softer nails.


Increased blood circulation to the skin leads to a rosy complexion also known as ‘pregnancy glow’. The pigment changes cause freckles and moles to darken. Additionally, some women experience ‘mask of pregnancy’ with brownish patches around the eyes and over the nose and cheeks. Hormonal shifts can lead to break-out and worsen the acne. One can get relief from these symptoms after the delivery. However, stretch marks might leave their permanent scars in many cases.


During pregnancy, a woman’s breasts feel more tender and fuller in addition to the darkening of areolas and the skin around the nipples. Many females might experience leaking of a milky fluid called colostrums from their breasts during or before the third trimester.

Ligaments and Joints

One of the pregnancy hormones name relaxin loosens the joints and ligaments. Though it is one of the ways nature prepares woman’s pelvis for the labor and delivery; it stretches the joints and ligaments all over the body causing sciatica and back pain.


During pregnancy, extra fluid retention can cause the swelling of the feet and ankles.

Changes in Mouth and teeth

Growing baby in the uterus needs extra calcium and if your diet doesn’t contain it in the adequate amount, it can steal it from your teeth and bones. Also, the hormones during this period cause gum bleeding. Hence, maintaining good dental care through regular brushing and flossing is essential.

Increase in urination frequency

Increased blood volume puts additional load on the kidneys. Additionally, in the later period of pregnancy, the growing weight of the baby exerts pressure on the bladder, thus mandating more visits to the washrooms.


It is another side effect of the pregnancy hormones. Straining is not recommended as it might result in hemorrhoids. Drinking plenty of water, regular exercise and fiber intake can help alleviate the symptoms.

Shortness of breath

In the last trimester, you might experience breathlessness as the baby presses against the diaphragm. Slow down and try to find a comfortable position that will let you breathe deeply. It is advisable to lie on your sides for maximum relief.

Leg cramps

Lower potassium and iron levels can cause leg cramps, uncontrollable urge to move your legs or feeling of something crawling on your feet. Including potassium rich ingredients such as a banana in the diet, following stretching exercises for the legs and iron supplements recommended by your doctor can help.

Heartburn and Gas

Additional pressure from the uterus on the stomach along with the relaxation of the valve between esophagus and stomach causes the reflux of the stomach acid in the throat causing heartburn. Your gynaecologist can advise you the medicines that are safe to take during pregnancy.

Pregnancy causes loads of unwanted body changes. Many of them are automatically alleviated after the birth of the baby. In case of any concern, do not keep it to yourself. Consult the best gynaecologist in Bangalore who will provide a satisfactory solution to your problem.


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