Breast Pump for Stay At Home Moms ?? Of course, a Yes!!!

Breastfeeding is a beautiful journey, just as everyone says. But trust me every mom’s breastfeeding journey is unique and it definitely comes with its own set of challenges. I remember, by the time my little one was one year old, I could even hear a cow mooing somewhere at the back of my head, every time I fed. There were days when I used to sit for hours to feed him, only to have the baby crying when he was put down. The people around me also tried to convince me that my son was crying because he was hungry and I should formula feed him, which was the last thing I wanted to do. Predictably, I became frustrated. I started wondering if I was actually producing enough milk or not. Then it occurred to me that maybe if I expressed the milk, I would be able to understand if I need to think about switching to formula feed. And voila!!! I was glad that took a decision to buy a breast pump to keep track of things and get the feedings more organised. I started to understand that breast pumps for Stay at home moms also can be a boon, as I started using the expressed mild for other purposes as well :

1. Medical conditions:

There were times when I wasn’t feeling well and I had no energy to myself to breastfeed my baby. I would have given up to formula feed if I had not stored the expressed milk.

2. Mommy needs a break too:

Apart from Medical conditions, I also felt a need for some me time or sometimes when I needed a little extra sleep for myself. My champ used to feed almost every hour when he was around 3 to 4 months old, I really wouldn’t be able to leave him with my husband, if I didn’t have a stash in my freezer.

3. Bond with Daddy:

As he started to bottle feed our baby, I could feel the secondary attachment being created. And with this Mr. Husband was able to handle our baby in a better way.

4. Milk for the baby food:

Breast pump helped me on saving me from buying formula feed packets, while I was introducing solids to my son. I used expressed milk to add to cereals, mashed vegetables and fruits and even made smoothies out of it.

5. Weaning:

I started giving my champ expressed milk in sippy cups when he was around 20 months old and gradually this helped me and him as well to wean off without any fuss.

Choosing a breast pump for stay at home moms

If you’re a stay at home mom, there are three major factors that you should consider before buying a breast pump.

  1. How often will you need to pump milk?
  2. What is your budget?
  3. How fast do you want to express milk?

Being a stay at home mom, I was not going to express a lot and so a simple manual breast pump is all that I needed.

But yes, before joining work, I switched to an electric breast pump as with that I was even able to express milk at work in minutes.

Which one to choose?

Spending the extra money on a breast pump can make a big difference especially when it comes to quality. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t get a quality breast pump for a pocket-friendly rate.

R for Rabbit is one such brand, which provides you with affordable breast pumps that are durable and are of high quality too.

R for Rabbit First Feed Manual Breast Pump

breast pumps for stay at home moms

This one is a great option for stay at home moms. This way you can carry milk for your little one, wherever you go.

At a very affordable price, you get a perfect gift to yourself. It is designed in such a way that you don’t have to lean forward to express the milk, making you more comfortable as you pump. Its Anti-backflow system helps in preventing the backflow making the process of expressing milk smoother. The best part about this Manual pump is, it comes with 4 Suction level adjustment. So you can choose your comfortable power. It is soft on the skin but unbreakable. Being light in weight, you can carry it where ever you want. It is BPA free, so safest for you as well as the little one.

R for Rabbit First Feed Delight Electric Breast Pump

breast pumps for stay at home moms

A working mom would definitely love to consider this one. This comes in two modes – Massage mode and Suction mode. While Massage Mode comes with 10 levels of massage mode to stimulate mother’s milk flow, Suction Mode comes with 15 different levels to get slower yet intense suction power. It also has 3 levels of frequency for suction. This gives you the power to choose the most comfortable feeling to yourself. This one also comes with Anti-backflow system which helps in preventing the backflow making the process of expressing milk smoother. It is designed in such a way that you don’t have to lean forward to express milk, instead, it is easily operable while the mother sits in a straight posture. This electric breast pump comes with an LCD display to operate and select different suction power and modes. Choose your comfort right at your fingertips. Its compact design makes it handy and lightweight to help you carry it anywhere you want to. Being BPA free, its safe for your skin and for your little munchkin too.

If you have any queries regarding expressed milk, do mention them in the comments. I would try to answer them based on my knowledge and experience.


My new identity is I am a mother of a two year old. I am a teacher and a learner too but as of now a SAHM or rather WFHM as I always like to be financially independent...

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