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Birthdays are in generally a big thing for most of us. We celebrate another fantastic year alive and look forward to many more years of fun, joy and prosperity. However, this excitement increases multi-fold when it comes to the birthdays of our favourite Bollywood celebrities. Social media platforms are filled with ‘Happy Birthday’ posts, career montage videos and so on. Basically, everyone has their own way of expressing their excitement. However, the simplest way of celebration is always the best i.e. revisiting some of their best movies on the occasion of their birthday. So no effort, no overt expressions, just plain and simple entertainment, which is what Bollywood celebrities work for.

So, keeping up that spirit and looking at a considerable Bollywood celebrities birthday count in March, we thought of making a list of movies that star the birthday celebrating celebs this month. Since we were quite impressed with the collection of movies on ZEE5, we would be narrowing our focus on movies you can binge on the platform. So, no need to Google for ways to find platforms to watch movies online, ZEE5 has you covered here.


Shraddha Kapoor – 3rd March

Movie: Baaghi

The first celeb on this list is a multi-talented actress, who keeps surprising audiences with her diverse filmography. But for this list, we shall be picking the 2015 blockbuster Baaghi. While people did expect Tiger Shroff to kick ass with his action star image, it was Shraddha who surprised everyone with her badass avatar. At the same time, her graceful side too received praise in the movie! Like, so many girls were dancing to the tunes of Chan Chan song from the movie.


Aamir Khan – 14th March

Movie – Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar

While his recent movies are the ones buzzing in pop culture, we would like to turn the dials of time to focus on a classic for this list – Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar. This movie was Bollywood potboiler perfection and possibly one of the best sports movies made in the industry. Like, the thrilling climax, especially the last few seconds of the race, still manage to set the heart racing.

bollywood celebrities


Rohit Shetty – 14th March

Movie – Golmaal: Fun Unlimited

This was the movie that started it all. Laugh out loud characters, insane car stunts, in short, the brand Rohit Shetty. So while people go gaga about Simba and awaiting Sooryavanshi, his birthday is a good reason to #throwback to the movie where the fun all began. Read more about his most awaited movie of the year, Sooryavanshi, here

Abhay Deol – 15th March

Movie – Socha Na Tha

An underrated actor with an interesting filmography, Abhay Deol’s debut happened with Imitaz Ali’s debut. The result – pure magic! The movie shows the raw potential of both Abhay and Imitiaz and the wonders that would follow in their career. Also, the songs from the movie are actually good. So, check it out, you will not be disappointed.


Shashi Kapoor – 18th March

Movie – Deewar

“Mere pass Maa hai!” This line has been immortalised in Bollywood pop culture. The movie it came from “Deewar” , has many such punch dialogues that still make us want to whistle for them. On Shashi Kapoor’s birthday, this 70s classic sure deserves a revisit.


Rani Mukherjee – 21st March

Movie – Hello Brother

While many remember her for dramatic roles, this madcap comedy has a special place in every 90s kid’s heart. Almost every scene from the movie is bubbling with humour and how can we forget the classic song played during Dahi Handi every year ‘Chandi Ki Daal Par’. Do you need more reason to catch up on Hello Brother?


Kangana Ranaut – 23rd March

Movie – Tanu Weds Manu Returns

Currently reaping the praises from Manikarnika, now would be a good time to revisit her most entertaining movie ‘Tanu Weds Manu Returns’. Sure, the first part had an infectious charm. But two Kanganas in one movie with Aanand L. Rai as director, we would say bring it on!


Emraan Hashmi – 24th March

Movie – Tigers

Over the past few years, Emraan Hashmi has really been experimenting with his filmography and one such great experiment is Tigers. Directed by Oscar-winner Danis Tanovic, the movie addresses a real story with relevant themes that make it a must-watch. Winning many awards across film festivals worldwide, this ZEE5 original movie will make you see Emraan Hashmi in a new light.


So, with these movies, your March movie plans should be sorted. So, which movies would you have included in this list? Let me know in the comments.



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