Celebrating Grandparents day with technology


I have often heard parents complain that grandparents are spoiling their child or the child is getting more affectionate to the grandmom when compared to mom.Do you think that love of a child can be compared? A kid has a heart of pure gold and has a lot of love for everyone. And have you not ever loved your dadi or nani more than your mom??

How can you forget those days when dadi or nani used to be your resource for anything that you wanted??
I always felt they had a magic wand. With the wishful words slipping out of our tongue, my grandparents were the first ones to fulfill them. So why should not I love them more 😉 😉

I lost my Dadu (grandfather) last year but never his blessings. My Dadi’s loss did turn me miserable. A thought about her gives me tears and some beautiful memories to treasure forever. She was the most adorable person one could have ever met. The amount of respect for everyone, perseverance, patience and the love in her heart was immeasurable. I had never thought about losing her during my childhood. I always long for some more moments with her to knit some more beautiful memories.

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The person whom I miss a lot in my life and will miss forever is my daadi Maa … But then yes..I always feel that her blessings are there with me forever, which has always made a strong. This lady was a peaceful soul..I never heard her talking in an impolite manner or even raising her voice while talking to anyone, even to her kids. When we (siblings)were young, we never even thought that she is the mother in law for our moms. I remember how Everytime visit to her house would fetch me a new doll and Madhur ice cream. She is the person whom I have loved the most and I guess I was the apple of her eyes too… So me and her blessings are always together…forever… . . . #memories #grandmaandme #missyou #humsathsathhain #childhoodmemories #childhoodunplugged #blessings #love #soulfulsundays #bachpan #bachpanprompt5 #bachpanrevisited

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What’s special on this Grandparents day??

God is still present for me in the form of my Nanu and Nani (mom’s parents). I wish I could make their everyday special. The summer holidays with them have build up a long lasting memory in my heart. The village land, the fun visits to temples with them, buying anything that I wanted from the market, waking up late in the morning, the delicacies made by nani and many more fond memories are alive right in front of my eyes.

Staying far apart from them, today on grand parents day, I am going to surprise them with a video call. Nani recently got an android!!! Yaaay. (Technology rules). It has been two years I have seen her. Her smile is sure to say a thousand words to me along with the words ‘Aajao’. I so want to meet them too and will plan a family meet-up soon. But for now I am waiting for the evening when my nanu will return from work (Yes! he is a farmer and still takes care of his land.) and I finish up this post, I am off to take her and nanu’s blessings over the phone.  


I look forward to hear from you how would you celebrate Grandparents Day. Do share a selfie with your grandparents on Sept. 10, 2017 on Twitter or Facebook with #LoveJatao & tag @blogadda to win a goodie from Parachute Advansed.

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