And the coffee beans brewed up again


Sophiya was looking into Shane’s eyes, eagerly to enter the world of promises that Shane was making through his blue eyes. This date at Sophiya’s favourite café in Switzerland was mesmerising. She wanted to ignore the voice of the waitress there. But it came again…”Maam, would you like something for yourself“. Before she could do that, she realised it was the flight attendant who was trying to make her travel to Switzerland comfortable. “Yes, a cup of coffee.”, she said and then smiled thinking herself to be silly to see such dreams. Her heart was at no peace. She had no clue where Shane would be and how will she meet him.

To know about Shane and Sophiya…Read Her last cup of coffee at the terminal

Finally, she was with her mom after two months. She wanted to tell her about the new found love but before that, she had to meet Shane. All day long, she kept on thinking about him and smile was not leaving her face any minute.

Next day was a fresh morning for her. She had to join back work from her Swiss office. She was happy to be back here with her old friends. As she moved out of the cab to walk to the office, every second person seemed like Shane to her. She was anticipating him any moment around him. She said ‘Focus’ to herself as she walked back to her desk, to find a note. A note from her friend Jennifer ‘Welcome back!! Coffee, good news and some gossips waiting for you in the cafeteria’.

Sophiya needed someone to share her India diaries and Jeniffer was a soul mate to her. The word ‘Good news’ made her excited and she walked into the cafeteria to know that she has been assigned a new team heading to Cuba next month. “And to add to your excitement, there is a cute but a cool dude in your team. Boss would call you soon to meet your teammates”, said Jeniffer with a wink.

Before she could tell Jennifer anything, she got a message from Boss for the meeting.

So Sophiya, your work at India was truly appreciable. We have a new team for you to lead to Cuba. They will be here any minute.”

Sophiya turned and had a glance, as the five members entered the chamber.

With a baited breath, she turned again and couldn’t believe her eyes. Shane was smiling as Sophiya muttered to herself ‘Shane!!’.

Sophiya, meet your new team. Finn, Ben, Emma, Laura and Samuel. You will be heading to Cuba next month. The details of the project will be mailed to you.”

Sophiya could hardly hear the remaining words by her boss. She could hear her own heart beating so fast.

As she headed back to her desk, her mind was filled with a lot of questions but much more with happiness at the sight of Shane…or Samuel.

At the lunch hour, she finally managed to find her answers.

“So you are Samuel, not Shane…huh”

“You can call me Sam.”

“Oh! Another name!!”

“Look, I wanted to tell you everything. But by the time I decided to, I already had this job in hand, so I thought to give you a surprise would be a better Idea. I am a person, who never wanted to be in a relationship in fact never believed in a relationship and so I lied. Realised my mistake, as I understood what is ‘falling in love’ in true sense when I longed to meet you every day, when those 30 minutes felt like 30 seconds, when I could not take my eyes off you when you headed to board your train at the terminal, when those everyday bubyes made me feel sad….”

The words were enough for Sophiya to turn her face, completely pink. She blushed, smiled and said, “Meet you for another cup of coffee at Café Dulezi at 7….Sam.” I am taking part in The Write Tribe Problogger October 2017 Blogging Challenge  for prompt 4 ‘Bated breath’



My new identity is I am a mother of a two year old. I am a teacher and a learner too but as of now a SAHM or rather WFHM as I always like to be financially independent...

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