When coffee enhanced the romance….


The smell of coffee beans just made me realize that it’s time to get up and move for some of the best moments we spend together on a weekend. Me and Mr. Husband. A cup of coffee specially brewed by my husband, a peck on my forehead and the sound of the drizzles outside, were enough to pick me up from my bed. Watching the drizzles sitting wrapped in his arms there in the balcony with a hot cup of coffee felt heavenly. The whole week just rushes through. Moreover, the weekends are not spared now as we both are busy in two different professions and another one which is common to both of us “Parenting”.

Being a mom of a toddler and a blogger keeps me on toes and completely drains me out by the end of the day. We usually relax on weekends but this Sunday dawn was special. There was a long wish list of talks we have thought of in our minds for this special morning. I especially keep some romance for moments like these thinking it would be great “If we were having Coffee”.

With the last sip, we decided to move out in the rain for a long drive. I have always loved them with him. They are special for the journey with him and not just the destination. During the drives, we at times chit chat. But that day we just enjoyed the feeling of being together with some light music in the background.

Some feelings to share, some whispers of care.

Some love to be shown, some feelings of your own.

We share all of these on days like this and it feels like your life just got fresh for the new week which is about to begin. With this freshness, we are again ready for the upcoming challenges and the duties for the week.

Sunday calm mornings over a cup of coffee are one of the best times to rejuvenate the togetherness and spend some quality time with the person you share your life with. The week is never calmer for us than on this day.

Do share if you guys have any such special moments. This will help in making all our lives a bit more stress-free and happier. Sharing happiness is what the need of the hour is. Rest everything follows.


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My new identity is I am a mother of a two year old. I am a teacher and a learner too but as of now a SAHM or rather WFHM as I always like to be financially independent...

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