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With 4G networks on our big screen mobile phones, we spend a lot of time on the social media. But have you ever thought what we actually get in return?? Mental satisfaction?? Really?? No. Usually, you see that everyone is having a perfect life and then pops in the sense of negativity of ‘Why I am not able to live that life?’. Sagoon is right there to save you from all of this. Not just that you even get to earn for the time you spend on using your social media.

We usually chat, shop online, gift our friends and also receive cash back at few e-commerce sites. But we don’t have a common platform to indulge in all of that. That’s where Sagoon comes into the picture. It perfectly combines social media with online shopping.

Let’s have a detailed look at the app.

Sagoon is a multi-application platform that enables you to share secret messages, strengthen your relations with family & friends as you express your correct emotional state. Its main intention is to transform negative experiences on social media into positive ones.

The app can be used on Android phones but one can also login using the mobile device. It occupies the size of 45 MB which is comparatively less when compared to other social media apps.

Sagoon focuses on providing a platform to make our life untangled, thus making us smart and productive too.

Though Sagoon might look like a mix of Facebook and Snapchat, it does have some unique features of its own. Here is the list:

My Day:

With so many apps in action, I am sure you do not maintain your schedule for the day in your diary and keep a check on how many tasks you have accomplished. My Day feature of the app helps you to maintain everything at one place in Sagoon. Not just this, it also offers you to share your schedule with your contacts. It acts as a smart organizer for your official as well as personal purpose, thus improving your productivity.

My Day has the following features

  • Multi-Location Clock
  • Weather
  • Schedule
  • Reminders
  • Sharing of Calendar
  • To-Do List

    Story Sharing/Secret sharing

    Here you not only get to share the good side of your life but also the clumsiness that you get to feel every day. Here you can share a learning, finding, experience or a thought that too with pictures. You are allowed to share a story with a maximum of 220 characters and 3 images. Anything that you want to publish with or without disclosing your name. This feature also helps you to e meet and learn from like-minded users on this platform. As the post can be made anonymously, this feature can also be used as a scratch-pad to just express your emotions online.

    Secret has the following features

    • Create Secrets
    • Set Privacy
    • Track Secrets
    • Attach Multi Images
    • Like, Dislike, Share or Comment
    • Hot/Trending Secrets


    Mood Talk:

    ‘Just because I am not talking, doesn’t mean I am in a bad mood. Sometimes I just like being quiet’ but not anymore. Mood talk feature of the app allows you to express yourself freely as per your emotional state. MoodTalk is a simple chatting tool which lets your mood do the talking. If you are sick and set your mood to ‘Sick’, set the level and your contacts will be notified with the same and what you will be blessed is a lot of pampering. Similarly, you can stick your mood to happy as well as sad. As our mood is never permanent, these chats also vanish in 24 hours.

    The earning aspect of Sagoon:

     Sagoon also provides a ‘Me Page’ which is almost like About me on Facebook. It carries the mix of personal and professional information. To ensure sure security, the app uses a combination of email-id and phone number to sync into one. I believe this is also to ensure that Sagoon users get their revenue share when they introduce the Social Smart Card option in the coming months. This card will enable the users to buy things online, send gifts to friend and family and also buy from physical retail outlets. This feature seems to be similar to affiliate marketing, but then who would not like to receive an incentive for spending the time, socializing.

    Hope this feature comes in soon…

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