Dear Husband….(A letter to the father of my son)

Love letters have been a part of our special journey all the time. There are many that I have written to ‘him’ on anniversaries or birthdays but this tradition got a break once I became a mom. All thanks to Jasmeet from Mommy Voyage and Anchal from The mum story for bringing 28 moms together, including me, sharing their take on Love and Relationships. By hosting this blog train, they gave me an opportunity to write an open letter to the father of my son.


Dear Husband,

I always thought that I cannot love you anymore (I am talking about the level of love here!!). But I was wrong. I loved you a little more when you held my hand (even though I was crushing yours!!) and blew some air on my face to give me some relief while I was screaming with pain during labour. I loved you a little more when I saw in your eyes how badly you wanted to join me to the OT, even when you knew its not allowed in India.

And then, I loved you a lot more when you held our champ or rather ‘Superman’ for the first time in your arms. ‘A tiny little baby in the arms of a scared, yet a caring Dad’, candid moment…

A new born dad

It’s true that our life changed to a great extent.

I, many a time, miss the late night movies that we used to watch or doing something or the other to make our everyday special. But then what has not changed is my everyday growing love for you.

I know that the stress on you must be tremendous when you accepted willingly to give our little one a mom who can stay at home and nurture him as he grows. You always portray yourself to be chilled out and hardly share the tension at your work. And even if you do, you put it across as a simple problem which you can solve in a jiffy. Someone in the house needs to be like that and I am sure as heck that it can’t be me. It’s only you who can make an ‘angry me’ laugh. You are the glue keeping this family together.

A letter to the father of my son

Can I ever be thankful enough?? For the big things in my life, I am definitely thankful and you know that well…But I want to say thank you …

For motivating me all the time to chase my dream of being independent (though I need more motivation to learn to drive!!)

Being an active participant in diaper changing dramas (which I always thought during pregnancy that you will never do!!)

For letting me and little Devcaansh know that you love us, every day.

For telling me at least 10 times that ‘It’s great’ when I cook something special for you.

For playing with champ when you get home, even though you are tired and he is in his ‘hurricane’ mode.

For creating traditions with our son like ‘Sunday Park Family Fun’.

For telling me that I look beautiful even when I have a belly sagging with stretch marks.

For listening, even when I sound the least sensible person.

For never making me feel, that I should hide anything from you…(Yeah, I even spoiled some of my best-planned surprises that way)

For folding the laundry, as I hate it the most.

For being so patient with this mom and son duo in the house.

All in all, thanks for being a great husband but a much better father…

Even though I have another man to care, for now, you are and will always be my #1.


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Thankful to Ananya from Mommying little anaika for introducing me to the train. Hope you enjoyed reading her post. Next one boarding this train is Upasana from mom and maithili. I am sure you would be eager to read her views too..



My new identity is I am a mother of a two year old. I am a teacher and a learner too but as of now a SAHM or rather WFHM as I always like to be financially independent...

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