How to ease the experience of spectacles for toddlers

spectacles for toddlers

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When I first heard this fact that my child needs glasses, I was devastated. It came to me as a shock. Maybe because I wasn’t prepared for this, after all, I just went for a normal eye check up for him. I never thought that my tiny little firecracker would need glasses when he is a little over three. I never thought about the fact that there are spectacles for toddlers.

I was still not satisfied or rather wanted to hear something else and hence went for a second opinion. The results did not change but my attitude to look at the situation did. There were many kids who were struggling to get some vision. I paid gratitude for what I had and wished for their faster recovery.

My journey of accepting my son with spectacles has gone from shock to denial and then swiftly to acceptance. I was amazed by the fact that how fast, furious and deep my reaction was. I guess that it is simply because we as parents want the best for our kids. I not just accepted but also embraced my little one’s new look so quickly, that I now find myself celebrating the fact that he is getting a better view of this beautiful world.

spectacles for toddlers

The acceptance was not just tough for me but also for my little one. I was determined to ease this first experience of spectacles for him and here are a few tips that I helped me through this phase.

The frame:

I am glad to find an ophthalmologist who even guided us while choosing a frame. We chose the flexible frames looking at the comfort and durability it has to offer. It has no spring hinges, no metal parts but is a single piece of soft flexible plastic. For the safety of the glasses, it comes with a detachable adjustable strap. Mr D was invited to make a choice of colour for himself and I am glad that he picked up this cool blue. So choose a frame which is light, comfortable and fits properly.


Before the spectacles are finally in your hand, it is important to prepare your child mentally for the change. Make the child understand not just the importance of glasses but also the beautiful change that the spectacles are going to bring in his or her life.

Surroundings and Schedules:

Make sure that the child is not undergoing any other change related to his schedule or the surroundings. Remember the fact that dealing with a change in vision is already a major change that the child is going through. I remember I had a trip planned in the next three day when I got this news. So I postponed that to let Devaansh go thru this change easily.

Wear along:

Glasses usually comes with heredity (and not because of the TV….mind you!!!). So if you wear lenses, get a pair of glasses for yourself to wear along with your toddler. You know it right, kids like to copy us!!


Don’t turn wearing glasses into a battle scene or constantly nag your child to wear the frames. Start with short periods of say, one or two hours and gradually make them the part of his/her daily routine. It is important to praise your child when they do wear their new frames on their own, especially until wearing glasses becomes second nature.

Time with the environment:

Spend more time outside in the greener world, garden or parks. This is going to make the child understand the difference the glasses mas made and that the beautiful nature is not blurry at all. The aim here is that is not just having fun but also recognizing the benefits of the new glasses.

spectacles for toddlers

Positive attitude towards spectacles for toddlers:

It is important to display a positive attitude to your child about the glasses. Don’t just talk about how important glasses are for him or her, but play up the fact that he/she now has a superpower making his vision better. Remember, no pitying!!. The child is not suffering from any disease but just has a pair of glasses on his nose. If your child picks up that you are upset about the spectacles, it will rub off and they might not be as willing to persevere.


Yes, it does takes time to adjust to wearing glasses. Key is to be patient and have a gratitude for the gift of eyesight and the enhanced quality of life your child will have in the long run.

Hope the above tips help!!! Do shoot if you have any questions related to spectacles for toddlers and I would be glad to answer, based on my experience. It is important to have an eye-check once your child is three, even if you see any symptoms of vision problems or not….

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