Easy DIY Christmas Tree and Snowman

Aztecs Treasure Slots - online Slot Machine games New Jersey Online Casinos Christmas is all about decorating your house, making it bright and colorful and full of lights. This year I thought to make a Christmas tree right at home. Hoping that Santa might just get happier and shower gifts on us 😉

Let’s start…

To make this starry Christmas tree, all you need is :

    1. An old magazine
    2. A modge podge
    3. Colourful Glitters
    4. A 3D star…yup that’s handmade too 🙂

Procedure :

      1. Open the magazine, remove the front and back cover, if they are thick. and then bend the magazine to break the spine, so that it becomes easy to turn and fold the pages.
      2. Fold each page from top right corner to the inside seam. Then fold the same again to the inside seam.
      3. Fold the bottom triangle of each page up or inside, making the bottom of the tree flat.
      4. Keep repeating this until you finish all the pages and get a Christmas tree in proper shape.
      5. Apply two coats modge podge, only after one dries up.
      6. Sprinkle Green glitter with the third coat. Let it dry for a day.
      7. Make mini stars for decorating the tree by cutting out stars from cardboard. Apply one layer of modge podge and sprinkle colorful glitter powder.


      For the 3D star, all you need is :

      1. 2 square sheets
      2. A pair of scissors
      3. Silver glitter (You can skip the spray paint)
      4. Fevicol (if you donot have paper tape)


      1. Follow this video to make a 3D star
      2. I needed my star to be stable so I took another sheet cut it in the shape of my star.
      3. Stick that cutout behind to make the 3D star stable.
      4. Apply one coat of modge podge and sprinkle glitter.


      As I completed my Christmas tree, it looked a bit incomplete without a cute white snowman.


      To make this little cutie, all you need is:

      1. A pair of scissors
      2. A pair of socks
      3. Colourful pens
      4. Rice to fill in
      5. Rubberbands or thread

      Procedure :


      Follow this video to make the snowman.

      I have made few changes though. Like I have not used buttons or beads as done in the video. Instead, I simply drew the eyes and buttons using colorful pens.  Also, I have made the cap for snowman using the top part of the socks, that makes it look cuter and our snowman winter ready….isn’t it…

      Let me know, how my Christmas corner is looking today with your comments.



My new identity is I am a mother of a two year old. I am a teacher and a learner too but as of now a SAHM or rather WFHM as I always like to be financially independent...

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