Engage with Your Kids this children’s day

As a teacher, I know and have always talked about how a parental involvement in a child’s education can form a road towards his success.

“The evidence that parent involvement can make a significant difference in student achievement is beyond question,” says John H. Wherry

Engaging with your child beyond studies is equally important. Spending time with kids not just helps in raising happy children but also makes that bond strong by building up the communication in the family. You might wonder at the fact that a simple fun game like Peek a boo helps in the development of a young child!! Children’s day can be considered as an excuse to spend some quality time with your kids. So here are a few fun ways in which you can make children’s day special for your kids.



As kids always like to be treated as adults, this can be a great way of involving them. It can be a simple task of just mixing the batter or placing the toppings or rolling the dough for the chapattis but the best part is the smile of contentment that they have. They not just feel proud of their accomplishments but also about the fact that they were considered a little closer to adults.



Cleaning the mess or folding the laundry

Another way to involve them can be to let them lend a helping hand in cleaning up the house or doing some sort of household chores. This way you can make them understand how responsible they are. Fun for kids but help for parents 😉


Outdoor games

It is always fun to join your child in a game of Cricket or Football or a Frisbee. If you have nothing to play then there is always catch me if you can. It will be exercise without any gym for you but for kids these will count as beautiful memories.

 Indoor games

Board games like scrabble, monopoly, chess, carom or even puzzles are helpful in keeping the kids engaged. Along with sharpening the brain, these games are fun for family bonding.

Show some Art

If your child has interest in Arts and Crafts, this is the best way to involve in your child’s hobby. Internet is a great source of ideas. If your kids are too young you can pick up simple activities that do not involve use of paper cutters or scissors. Apart from this, I and my son enjoy a lot of water coloring activities together.

Read a book

A book to this mom and son duo is very special. Reading books with children is a wise use of time. It not just enhances their vocabulary but also their listening skills. Of course a lot of mannerism can be taught through books. Make them fun for kids by using different sounds for different characters as they enjoy the pictures.


Road trip

What can be better than spending some time together, close to Mother Nature? Rather than just watching the nature on TV, it’s better to explore the world with kids making some fond memories forever.


Story time

There is always a story before we end our day and trust me, even after being completely exhausted, it is always fun. You can always make up something; it can be a story with animals or can be a fun moment that happened during the day, narrated in different tones. Involve your child as you narrate by asking question or by making them repeat few phrases.


Dinner time turned special

Make an exclusive dinner for your kids with all their favorites. A healthy meal can be given a skip once in a while. To end this sweet day, there should be a dessert (it can be just a chocolate too, if you are too tired to prepare one 😉 ). Kids are sure to enjoy this, the most out of all the ideas.

As we grow in this cynical world, we tend to forget how to play and enjoy our life. But with kids, let yourself loose, make a fool of yourself, be a clown, pull a face, lead a game and let your kids follow you. Let them know that you love to spend time with your kids. Relive your childhood with your children.


“Baccho ke sath bacche ban jaaye”, celebrate Children’s day with Cadbury Dairy Milk.


My new identity is I am a mother of a two year old. I am a teacher and a learner too but as of now a SAHM or rather WFHM as I always like to be financially independent...

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