Fade Away Sleep sounds : Solution for putting babies to sleep

When little Devaansh was a teeny weeny baby, making him sleep was a tough job. The noise of vehicles moving around or children playing in the park used to wake him up. For a disturbance-free sleep, I used to suppress the outside noises with the help of a fan. He started recognizing the sound of a fan and associating it with sleep. This methodology worked so well that I used to keep the fan on during the winters as well until he used to fall into deep sleep. Luckily, winters are not bad here. But that would not have been the case if I was aware of the Fade Away Sleep Sounds at that time.

Fade Away Sleep Sounds are white noises sounds especially recorded to get a good sleep, not just for babies but for adults too.White noise has also been found very effective in covering up the unwanted noise that interrupts our sleep.



My experience :

I wasn’t aware of the fact that there are white noises that can help a baby sleep until I came across Fade away Sleep sounds. These white noises are just helpful in making a baby sleep but also bring relaxation to adults. It helps in easing the stress or excitements and thus relaxes our mind and soul. Yes!! it has helped me as well to grab a good night sleep with no thoughts running in mind.

Fade away Sleep Sounds have different categories of white sounds :

  1. Sounds for baby sleep: When I visited this section, I was amazed to see the collection. They have the sound of my son’s all-time favorite, an electric fan. Not just that, they also have car ride sounds, hair dryer sounds, bathtub sounds, washing machine sounds, shower sounds, pure white noise and many more. You might find this funny but it’s true that such white sounds have a very calming effect on little babies(experience talks).
  2. Nature Sounds: I have always loved the sound of the rain. The water drizzling on the earth gives a calming effect. For that matter, even the sound of rushing river just takes away all the negativity and thoughts from one’s mind, keeping the mind and the body relaxed. With this thought, Fade Away Sleep sounds have also recorded the Nature Sounds and are perfect to give the same level of relaxation.
  3. Musical Sounds: This is my favorite section as the sounds from this section are not just helpful for having a good sleep but even for meditation or yoga. You can even have these on while sipping a hot cup of coffee and feel much more relaxed and fresh too. If you want to escape from a stressful day, these musical tracks are a perfect help.


$2.99 for each track.

$5.99 for the bundle pack of 3 tracks.

What I liked about Fade away sleep sounds?

  1. You or the baby don’t get addicted to this. as each track is one hour long and the final ten minutes is a slow and gradual fade to silence. Thus relaxing and weaning at the same time.
  2. The tracks can be downloaded on any device thus allowing you to play them anytime and where.
  3. The site provides a 30 sec sample track, making it easy for you to choose ‘what to buy’.
  4. True to its words, these sounds have a soothing effect.

And the good news is …my 3-year-old has started sleeping on his own!! Thanks to Fade away sleep sounds!!


Important Note:

While making the baby sleep, it’s important that you do not play the sounds too loud. Also, do not keep the device too close to the baby.


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Disclaimer: I was provided with the tracks for reviews but the opinions are my own.


My new identity is I am a mother of a two year old. I am a teacher and a learner too but as of now a SAHM or rather WFHM as I always like to be financially independent...

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