Whenever I am feeling low

feeling low

Feeling low?? Yes, that happens with me too.

There are days when you take a few negative words to your heart and go into a short term depression. This short term depression can turn into long term soon, if not treated by you, yourself.

Of course, there are times when everything seems difficult to be achieved. At those moments, the words of criticism make the situations worse. You degrade yourself to such an extent that you end up considering yourself nothing but a loser and a complete failure.

What is important is to realize the fact that everyone has to face hardships in life. People have the mouth to talk but always have an option to shut your ears too.

Bringing back positivity to your life can be difficult but not impossible. So here is a list of things I do to cheer myself up when I am feeling low.

# Talk to someone:

For me that someone is either my husband or my mom. Reaching out to a person who loves you and cares for you the most, works the best. I feel a sense of relief when someone is there to listen to my cribbing.

# Write:

This is the second best thing I prefer to do. When I feel out of fear that I would be judged, I just scribble my thoughts on my journal. It always helps me to get rid of my negative thoughts.

# Cuddle my little one:

Kids are far apart from negativity. So just one tight hug can give you a lot of positive vibes from them to forget about the things that made you sad and gloomy.

# Cook:

My best dishes come out when I am depressed or a thought is making me feel low. I get indulged in cooking to forget the negativity around me.

# Music:

Music has the power to make anyone heal. I just lie down at times and enjoy my favorite songs to put me in a better mood.

# Yoga:

This gives a lot of peace not only to my body but also to my soul. Though I am able to dedicate only 15 minutes of my day to Yoga, those 15 minutes are enough to rejuvenate me for the whole day.

# Memories:

To forget the sad moments, I go back to the moments that have always made me happy. I open up my old albums, check some pictures on FB and that usually puts a smile on my face.

# Gratitude pie:

This is what I have recently learned. I have learned to be thankful for the happy moments that I have in my everyday life. We tend to forget those small moments which were able to bring a smile on our face. So when I am feeling low, I draw a gratitude pie to mark those things that brought happiness in my life.

# Read:

Fiction just lets my thoughts stay away from me. Books are always around me to keep me motivated.

#Singing bowl:

This is what I recently bought from a local shop in Pune. It gives a lot of mental peace. The sounds produced by a singing bowl give a deep state of relaxation. This is a way of meditation to release stress. The way it should be played is important.


There are a lot of people around, who love to gossip and pass comments. Just because they think that you don’t deserve to be happy, doesn’t really mean that you don’t deserve it.

You need to defend yourself against such people. I have realized that to stop feeling low, important is self-love and self-care. It is important to become a priority in your own life.

Dare to love yourself
as if you were a rainbow
with gold at both ends.
― Aberjhani



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