First foods that I gave to my baby

When my sweetheart turned six months, trust me, I was super confused about what to give him. But then friends are always there to help. They told me ‘n’ number of recipes and I was more confused. But I had to start from some where. Below are the first five foods that I gave to my li’l champ. Easy to prepare and my son loved them.

1. Banana Puree

Banana – a fruit that is available all round the year, at every place. You can feed bananas to babies in any season. Its just a myth that bananas should not be fed in winters. Select a banana that is yellow , firm with tiny black spots. You just need to mash the bananas with a fork or blend it in a blender . Add milk to make it runny. You can add a pinch of cardamom powder for taste and easy digestion.

2. Pumpkin puree

Select pumpkins that is firm from outside and not too ripe. Pumpkin is a non allergenic food and helps in relieving constipation. Cut the required wedge of pumpkin from the whole vegetable. Cube the pumpkin into small pieces. Cook the pumpkin cubes in a cup by placing it inside a pressure cooker filled half with water. Give 2-3 whistle. Mash the cooked pumpkin with a masher or blend it with a blender. Add milk to make it runny. You can add roasted jeera powder for taste.

3. Ragi porridge

You can prepare ragi powder at home. Wash the ragi. Sun dry and roast. Once done, grind it in a mixer to make a fine powder. Mix 2-3 scoops of powder in 120 ml water, so that there are no lumps. Boil this till the ragi is cooked. You can add jaggery syrup to make it sweet. Add milk to make it more runny.

4. Oats porridge

Whenever you buy any oats for your baby, check that the ingredients of the same should be only Oats or Rolled Oats. Grind it to fine powder. Mix 2-3 scoops of powder in 120 ml water so that there are no lumps. Boil this, till the oats are cooked. Add milk to make it more runny.

5. Sooji Sheera

Roast 2-3 scoops of sooji with 3-4 drops of ghee. With around 60 ml milk and 60 ml water, boil the mixture. Add a pinch of elaichi. You can also add mishri water to make it sweet. Once boiled, add roasted sooji to it. Cook it for 5-10 minutes. Add milk or water to make the consistency runny.

The above are all tested on my baby, but every child is different. So start with a little quantity. Check that it is not creating any problem for your love. Also remember, that till 6 months, what your child needs is only breast feed, until advised by your physician.

You can always share your recipes in the comments column. So that we all can add variety to our baby’s foods.

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