His First Smile , Pure and Precious

First smile

It’s amazing how much my little one’s smile can make me forget everything. I forget all the chaos that would have happened that day. Even after he’s had a tantrum, his smile or laugh would immediately help me get over my anger. It’s a small action, just his little smile, but it makes a big impression and melts me down in a fraction of seconds. There’s nothing quite like your baby’s smile to lift your spirits.

When I come home from work, his smile with a big hug is mesmerising. It has to be!! It is that little person that you love and care for shows up that you are the perfect parent for your little one.

But yes the first one is matchless!!

You yield a tiny human from your body who is completely dependent on you for everything. You don’t expect anything in return, as you are undergoing a lovely feeling of being a mom. There are dirty diapers, sleepless nights, constant feeding, fierce crying all around you. You continue this way for weeks, and just when you think you can’t live another day and that you are completely exhausted, you get to see that ….a gigantic grin. I am sure you feel the fireworks, just as I did when I saw that first smile.

It was just another sleepless night when my boy decided to just play around. I was tired of feeding but my champ was not tired of following a vicious cycle of getting nourishment and entertainment. I so badly wanted to sleep but he was in no mood to sleep. So I switched on the lights, woke up my husband to have some family time (though the secret is I did not want to bear the consequences of having a baby all alone 😉 ). We were chit chatting with our little one in his kooooss and kaaaas… and then suddenly a glimpse of that tiny little cute and magical thing, his first smile. It gave me a similar feeling of when I held my little one for the first time in my arms.

I had waited for this moment for a very long time. I knew that kids usually give their first smile during or after 2nd month. So from the very start of the second month, this wait began. And when I received that smile there were tears of joy rolling down my cheeks (and my husband making fun of it. Sometimes these men get really insensitive…don’t know why!!!). There was no more sleep in my eyes.

When my firstborn gave me that first smile, I immediately forgot how many of the new motherhood responsibilities could possibly be eating away at my sanity. His smile was the love I needed in return, finally. If I had been having any second thoughts about my ability to be this champ’s mom, they all vanished with this first smile. Being a #firsttimemom that was a magnificent, amazing, beautiful, other-worldly smile for me. Pure and Precious….

first smile


Let me share with you another first-time experience which was equally pure to that first smile…

My first time experience with #Firsttimewaterwipes ..

Water wipes by Mother Sparsh :

My son would have been just a month old when he developed a severe diaper rash and my doctor gave me the root cause for the same. I had been using a lotion based wipe for him, every time there was a need and so I was advised to switch to cotton and water, as there was no Water-based wipe available at that time. A few days back, when I saw Mother Sparsh Water wipes, I wanted to give them a try, not just for me but also for my sister, who was expecting.

But before suggesting these to anyone, I wanted to be sure that these wipes were different and were worth it too. We did a flame test to check if they had any polyester. But no!! Not at all. It’s a no plastic this and has no stickiness. And I was glad I was able to find something perfect for a new born’s skin. My sister’s champ is 6 months now and she is a happy mom with Mother Sparsh.

Mother Sparsh Water Wipes are formulated keeping in mind the soft and gentle skin of a newborn.  With 98% water and plant-based Fabric, Mother Sparsh baby wipes are truly as good as cotton & water. The fabric is soft and provides an effective and safe cleaning. There is no soapy kind of feeling after wiping. Unlike other baby wipes, you don’t feel any kind of burning sensations after using these wipes. They have a very mild fragrance. They are easy on pockets too and you get a pack of 80 wipes just @Rs. 185. Mother Sparsh Water Wipes are 100% biodegradable and do not have any polyester. These wipes are dermatologically tested, assuring the new moms that your little one’s skin is in safe hands and there are least chances of any rashes with its usage.

Isn’t this equally pure??


 This post has been sponsored by Mothersparsh but the views are completely personal.


My new identity is I am a mother of a two year old. I am a teacher and a learner too but as of now a SAHM or rather WFHM as I always like to be financially independent...

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