Four Friends, A Blind Date with Wanderlust!!

This blog comes with an incredible experience we had as four friends with a wanderlust tale that was waiting to be experienced since long. The four of us planned a exploration trip that we intended to take once in our life as we settle down and can afford a really good one. Whenever we discussed our liking for the trip this was what came up with all. One wanted to travel to explore. One wanted to be at the top. The third wanted to be at the highest point. I, the last one just wanted to be at the pinnacle. One day finally we zeroed down on something that was an exploration trip for a life time, taking a trip to the North Pole of Earth on the age old famous cruise ship named “50 years of Victory”

It was the only Travel inspiration for all which meant really conquering the world. Standing at a point and saying yes!!! we are here where every direction is south. At the top, at the pinnacle of the world. A destination that was real yet seemed imaginary. Explore the unexplored, the journey had all that all of us wanted. The only point that was to be discussed was, four girls from India who have never traveled abroad yet, were going to set on a journey that is totally across the globe. Not at all short of a blind date. Yes there was information and videos available on internet but, you always have those butterflies in your stomach and exciting moments which make you go anxious and crazy too.

The D day finally came…

and we took our flight to Helsinki, Finland. It was a 14 day expedition starting and ending at Helsinki, Finland. We were aboard the famous ship 50 years of Victory. An excellent vessel with extraordinary capacity to cut through ice and sail through the Arctic regions.  We took a flight to Murmansk region of Russia and then the cruise sailed across the Barents Sea to reach the 90 degree the North Pole of our Earth. After sailing for 6 days admiring the Victory ship cutting across thick ice to move forward the icy kaleidoscope we finally reached the North pole. This is the only destination in the world I would say that really made all the travelers emotional. They were all really filled with a sense of pride and achievement. The mood was festive and everyone was waving flags or dancing with joy. Spending 5-6 days in the ship, we heard some great stories, some travelers with us were big time explorers and they rated this journey as one of their best. We shared some of ours too. Everything was flashing in front of our eyes. We four had a group hug and all had to share a single feeling. No one still believed we really made it. There were options of taking a helicopter and hot air balloon ride to view the Arctic region from the top. We chose the balloon ride and I can’t describe the view we relished and the experience we had during the journey.

On the way back…

we visited the Franz Josef Land, the northern point of Russia. Unexplored until 1873 the land also displays the remains of 3 ill fated explorer ships which didn’t make it back to land during their voyages. Seabirds look awesome zooming across the sky with snow and water around. It was always about being at a place totally alien and unheard of. A date with Mother Earth, which turns out to be a blind one. Everything we saw was unexpected. Never imagined before. Everything was real yet unreal.

On our way back to Murmansk, Russia we discussed that no other trip could have ever made us more self contended than this one. It was the perfect choice to awaken the explorer within us and also to make us believe that our mother Earth has numerous wonders hidden across the globe. We just need to travel to explore. Gathering experiences is my traveling motto from now.



This piece is a part of my bucket list that I wish to fulfil someday…

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