Fun and learning is in the air, when Flintobox is there!!

My weekends and holidays were much more hectic than the normal working days!! Why?? Because I have a son who is 3, who tends to get bored with his toys in flat 10 minutes. And on a ‘No school day’ things are worse. My brain used to be on a constant run to think about ..What next??? Finally, I got someone to help me find a perfect solution to engage this little boy – A Flintobox.

What is Flintobox?

Flintobox is an age-appropriate monthly subscription box for kids. Each box is filled with play-based activities for kids that not just engage your child and keep them entertained but also promote early child development. Every month there is a unique theme. Each box is curated by Montessori experts and child psychologists, so that along with fun it also caters to the 12 developmental areas of a child.

There are educational boxes for 2 to 12 year old, of course, categorized as per the child’s capabilities.  I was provided with November box for the category of 3 to 4 years old for an honest review and here is my experience with the same.

True to its words, I found each and every activity to be unique and customized in a way that a child can have a share of learning with lots of fun. So what was in my Flintobox??

November 2017 had a theme of Jungle Adventurer, so the activities revolved around the same.

So as we open the fun box, we found….

1. A format to help you in planning out the activities and make the best use of the box.

2. A book named Jungle-Hide-and-Seek, which aimed at teaching ‘how to count’.

3. 5 theme based activities , namely :

a) My Jungle :

It was an interesting colouring activity. My son enjoyed colouring the cutouts of animals and then folded the cut out to look like a stand. He later played Pretend and play making the animals eat grass and have water. It was fun watching him as he growled as a lion with a cute hand puppet doing the talks.

This activity not just helped in developing his sensory and imagination skills but also enriched his cognitive skills.

b) Gator grabber

This activity is a good source of improving eye hand co ordination, as the child uses the alligator toy to grab baby alligators or the fish.It also improved the gripping. I liked it when my son made up a story of alligators and fish being friends.

Thus it also led to the creative development of my child.

c) Paw Mystery

A stamping activity made interesting with stories. My little was excited to do this as he was able to find perfect paws for each animal. This activity also helped him understand the habitat of each animal, thus increasing his knowledge about the world.

d) Balancing Monkeys

An activity to simplify the concept of balancing and numbers. It helped in logical reasoning as my son learned to keep balance the tree everytime it tilted with an extra monkey. It also helped in eye hand co ordination and creative development.

e) Back to Jungle

I never thought that learning colours can become for favourite family game. Its a good way to introduce board games to kids. It also proved to be a good way to explain my son about winning and losing.

Best things about Flintobox :

  1. The activities are good enough to engage a child for an hour or even more.
  2. Each activity is separately packed in eco friendly bags and can be used again too.
  3. Each activity has a card explaining how activities are supposed to be done in different ways. It also describes how each activity will be helpful in the development of your child.
  4. The parts used are completely safe for kids and no sharp edges at all.
  5. The activities are age appropriate and thus help you understand your child’s development.


Cons..only if I could think of any!!!

Criesnlaughter recommendation :

With a rating of 5 on 5, I would surely recommend this if you want to engage your child in developmental activities or get rid of his or her TV watching habits. And if that happens ..don’t forget to thank me in comments…kidding!!!

But yes, if you have anything more to say about Flintobox or have any leave then in the comments..

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