Go-Green with Degradable tablewares

You are travelling to Manali to enjoy its serene beauty. Enjoying the train travel, you feel hungry and then serve yourself food in white thermocol plates. To throw the plates you move towards the bin area, which was almost full with such plates. You some how fit in yours and feel happy that you did not dirty the place as you are on a mission of ‘ Swach Bharat ’ and ‘ Go-Green ’. But what about the final result of using such things. They all get dumped at a place and keep on depositing, contaminating the soil and groundwater, threatening public health, causing Land Pollution. As this all is happening, while you are busy enjoying the nature at its best. So do you think, you actually fulfilled the idea of ‘ Go-Green ’? Actually, No.

So what if you get an option of saving our Earth, by at least doing our bit.

Greenfare Eco friendly solutions, gave me an opportunity to be a part of this change that our beloved PM has lead in the form of ‘Swach Bharat’.

The products that Greenfare has to offer are completely eco-friendly and safe. At the same time, they are elegant , strong and sturdy.

Manufacturing :

These table-wares are most unique eco-friendly disposables that one can ever come across. Greenfare crafts them from Areca leaf sheaths that naturally fall off from the Areca trees. Each leaf is then collected and processed with fresh water and heat. No chemicals are added in the complete process (You can actually feel this, when you have food served in these elegant pieces).

Products :

Greenfare offers a wide range of products, which include traditional thali in different sizes with bowls and spoon which can be definitely used during festivals and travelling. To give your kitty parties and birthday parties, an elite look, they have party pack in squares. They even have cute food boxes with lids to make your travel and storage, easy.

It’s a boon :

  1. As these are made with a natural process, they don’t harm to mother nature in anyway.
  2. They are Biodegradable and compostable as well. Yes, there is a difference. Not everything Biodegradable is compostable. However, these are. If you use a composter at home, you can find a good quality compost for your garden after 90 days.
  3. It is a good usage of the natural resource, which is fallen leaves, which other would have been lying around and get absorbed back in the land after few days.
  4. They are strong and sturdy. They can hold hot as well as cold food well.
  5. These products are microwave and oven safe. There is no change in taste of food, once micro waved.
  6. They are freezer safe.
  7.  Being eco-friendly, these are completely food safe. No chemicals are added during the manufacturing of these products. The texture is completely natural.
  8. Along being safe, they are elegant in looks and the finish of the products is excellent.

Cons :

Though these are microwave safe and there is no change in taste of food, they tend to lose the strength after around 30 seconds of heating.


My pick on the product :

These are much better in terms of sturdiness when compared to thermocol plates. As far as price is concerned, it’s almost the same for the two. Nevertheless, the impact on our health and the nature varies to a vast extent. I give a thumbs-up to these eco-friendly dinner wares and recommend everyone .

You can connect with them on Facebook too. If you want to order these pretty looking plates for your kitty party, they are right here for you.

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