Head Shaving (Mundan) of my little one


Head shaving is more of a myth, influenced by traditions. Shaving a baby’s head has no role in the growth of baby’s hair. It is the genetics that play the role. However, in the end it is the parents who need to decide whether to have it or not. But in India, it’s not just the affair of the parents but the families are involved. It’s more of a celebration with lot of money spent at a party in the name of Mundan ceremony. Here, the families usually get the first head shave done for the baby before he/she turns one.

I was adamant about not following this. I actually didn’t want a head shave for my baby at all but I knew that this will not be possible because of the family pressure. But I managed to adjourn it for the first year with a reason that my baby can have a soft head and it can be dangerous.

After an year, he had pretty long hair and I really loved them. I actually didn’t want to get his head shaved but then he was also struggling with them. I still wanted a hair cut for him but there was a pressure from the family to have a head shaving for him. I was trying to delay this but couldn’t do so after he turned two. So I decided to have my own terms and conditions before the family to do it and to my surprise, they agreed upon all of these. Here is the list that I placed in front of the family members.

  1. Only a family dinner together. I didn’t want it be a party kind of celebration, as I didn’t want to spend a lot of money behind such tradition where my baby might suffer pain and others enjoy at the cost of it.
  2. At our home. I didn’t want it to do it any place outside as there are chances the place to be unhygienic and also the baby could have been cranky at another place.
  3. A professional. I didn’t want any local barber to do this but a person from a salon, reason being the safety of my child.
  4. Trimmer and not razor. Only for traditional purposes, I agreed for a short buzz with razor, otherwise trimmer was used for the complete head. Razors can easily cut the scalp.


Everyone agreed to the above conditions as they made sense and were safe for my baby.  Day before the ceremony I made him meet the person who was supposed to shave his head. He showed my baby the trimmer and told him how the next day he is going to cut his hair.

Still I was all tensed. But my little one proved to be a champ. He wasn’t even distracted once in the whole process and didn’t even cry, may be because I prepared him for the same. Everything went well. Though I miss his curly long hair, but this makeover was not bad as well.

So here are a few tips for the ones who have to see their little one under-going this ceremony:

  1. Do it when your baby’s head is bit firm. Wait for an year or two.
  2. Prepare your baby for the same by making him/her familiar with what will happen.
  3. Avoid using razor, use trimmers instead.
  4. If the child feels uncomfortable, try distracting by playing or chatting or showing his/her favourite videos.
  5. Hold your child’s head properly so as to avoid accidents.
  6. Prefer doing the ceremony at home and especially in the morning, as the child will be less cranky.
  7. After the shaving, apply curd and turmeric, as they prove to be anti-septic and helps in avoiding irritation.
  8. Avoid making it a grand celebration, as it’s just a wastage of money. Instead, donations can be added to make this tradition better.


My new identity is I am a mother of a two year old. I am a teacher and a learner too but as of now a SAHM or rather WFHM as I always like to be financially independent...

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