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Last week was like a hurricane hitting me. My son was suffering from the painful Hand foot and mouth disease. I had ignored the early symptoms, thinking the tiny blisters to be mosquito bites. I went under a lot of guilt of not taking my son to the doctor on time. Mom’s guilt is always there on the edge and can always flow down any moment. This stressed me out a lot and hampered my work too. But the very next day, I was happy to welcome two great products by Mama Earth with their traditional recipes. Here is my honest review for the same.

Mama Earth’s Stress Relief tea

mama earth


As I opened the tin Jar, the aroma was enough to make me realise the calmness the tea was to provide me. With the first sip, you are sure to feel that the tea has a strong taste of Eucalyptus. But few more sips and you are sure to feel relaxed. It has herbs like Sarsaparilla Root & Cinnamon Bark which gives a very soothing and calming effect. For its 100% effectiveness, the tea should be prepared properly.


To prepare :

You need to pour 200ml of boiled water over the tea bag in a cup. Cover the cup and let it stay for 10-15 minutes. This will influence the yield of beneficial components of the tea. Later, gently squeeze the tea bag to release the remaining extract. Drinking two cups between the meals helps you to kill the stress.


How does it work :

This tea is much different than other green teas. Along with the antioxidants like Ginger and Cinnamon, it also has the goodness of Eucalyptus Leaf and Indian Sarsaparilla Root which works wonders on your stress levels. The cardamom seeds are there to enhance the taste along with acting as a Muscle Stress and Mental Strength Reliever.


Priced at Rs599 for 30 tea bags


Praiseworthy aspects

  1. 100% Natural
  2. Herb-based
  3. GMO Free
  4. Gives freshness
  5. Reduces stress
  6. Gives a calming effect
  7. Great packaging
  8. Easily available on Amazon as well as Mama Earth’s website


  1. Has a strong taste of eucalyptus (which can be subsided with honey).
  2. Little expensive.

Along with the tea, I also received


Mama Earth Plant DHA for Mama

mama earth

From before birth to old age, the omega-3 fatty acid DHA has an important role to play in overall health and development.

In the womb, DHA supports normal brain and eye development of the baby. DHA also helps to support brain and heart health in adults.  It helps in building healthier and stronger bones and joints thus reducing the risk of Osteoporosis. Certainly, the role DHA plays in the human body is a very important one.

A human body cannot create DHA and so has to rely on the diet.  Oily fish, like salmon, anchovies, herring and tuna are a rich source of DHA. But consuming fish daily is not possible and what about the people who are pure vegetarians.

Keeping these things in mind, Mama Earth came up with Plant Algae DHA (especially for moms and moms-to-be) in the form of capsules which are 100% vegetarian.


To Use :

Take 1 capsule twice a day or as directed by your physician.


Priced at Rs.599 for 30 capsules


Praiseworthy aspects:

  1. 100% vegetarian
  2. 100% pure and natural


Little expensive


Criesnlaughter’s take on the product :

Mama Earth has always been there with products that are 100% natural and especially when it comes from parents, It has to be a trusted one.

These two products are perfect buys for any mom or mom to be. These are safe and have the correct amount of herbs to make you feel the best. The tea has a completely different taste but yes a few sips can make you feel fresh even in hot weather conditions. I have been taking DHA capsules for a week now, only to find myself a little more active than my usual self is. Hope to get all the goodness that DHA has.

So in short, I liked both of them, and will surely continue to use them for my good health.

Ratings:4 on 5.

For more information on the products, you can visit Mama Earth, right with a click.

To keep a track of their new launches, follow them on Instagram.



Disclaimer: The products were sent to me by Mama Earth. But the views and opinions are honest.
Also, expectant moms or feeding moms do consult your Gynecologist before using the products.
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My new identity is I am a mother of a two year old. I am a teacher and a learner too but as of now a SAHM or rather WFHM as I always like to be financially independent...

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