Healthy snacks option by The Green Snack Co.

I am a foodie married to another foodie. Snacking to us always meant junk. We used to munch on deep fried pakoras, maggi, French fries, pani puri, namkeen sev and what all not. And it continued as our body never picks up weight. So, it really did not matter to us about what was going in our belly. But our son, when turned one, changed this meaning for us. I started to look for healthy snacks option for him but couldn’t find anything healthy in ready to eat format. So every evening prepared something healthy for him to munch. And I am blessed to have a little one who is ready to eat anything and everything. He is not at all a picky eater. But there are days when you go blank on what to feed the baby. And then there are even those days when you are ill or don’t feel like working in the kitchen or don’t have time to prepare anything. On one such day when I was wondering what to prepare, I received these healthy snacks options from The Green Snack Co.

Choosing The Green Snack Co.

I never thought that even munchies in ready to eat format can be related to the word ‘healthy’ until we opened this parcel from The Green Snack Co. to break this myth of mine. They have actually made just snacking turned into healthy snacking for the family. They are into providing the goodness of Quinoa and Kale with the perfect balance of great taste.

Quinoa Puffs

The packing is sturdy enough to keep the puffs fresh and crisp even during heavy monsoon. These munch on puffs comes with the goodness of Quinoa, Amaranth, Ragi, Soy, Rice and Maize. These are neither fried nor baked but just roasted to retain the goodness of each of the ingredient. Rich in proteins, fibre, minrerals and Vitamin B, these puffs come in three flavours : Saucy Salsa, Peppy Cheese and Zesty Kale.

We opened up the packs of Saucy Salsa and Peppy Cheese together. While I liked to munch on Saucy salsa, there was no stopping for my son from Peppy Cheese. The peppy cheese actually fills your mouth with cheese while Saucy Salsa has a bit of tangy and spicy flavour. Both are sure to let your taste buds over take you.

Kale Crisps

The packaging is great and save you from storing it in an air tight container, it comes with a zip lock. So munch as much as you want to and then save the crispness of the remaining with a lock. Kale is considered to be a nutritional powerhouse as it strengthens immunity, maintains bone health and boost metabolism. The Green Snack Co. has completely retained its nutritional value by air-drying Kale leaves at a low temperature. These are also available in three flavours : Sea Salt & Vinegar, Cheese & Onion and Thai Sweet Chilli.

Though my little one loved the taste of Thai Sweet Chilli crisps, as is (and was not ready to share the pack with me), I enjoyed it as a garnish to my chicken soup. This mix and match was enough to bring my husband’s drool ducts in motion too 😉

Where to find them

You can shop for all of The Green Snack Co products online at Amazon and BigBasket .

To know more, check their website or Facebook page. You can even get to see more information on their Instagram. Or they are just a click away..

My pick on the products

These are the great healthy snacks option, not just for the kiddos but for the complete family. Rich in nutritional values, these have no added MSGs or preservatives. The products are completely worth the price, when compared to a very healthy snack option. I cannot think about any Cons in the product but just wish that the packing for Quinoa puffs could have been same as the one for Kale Crisps.

Highly Recommended with a thumbs up ( or rather hands up 😀 ) from Criesnlaughter.

Lata, on her blog , gives you more details about how she and her kids indulged into these healthy snacks options.



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