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Food! The most basic yet the most sophisticated necessity of the humankind there is. We all know the importance of food in our lives and how much we adore this item which takes care of our hunger and we cannot live for a second without it. From spicy to sweet, from chocolates to heavily cheesed lasagane to the malai koftas, everything brings water in your and my mouth. I have always adored food, not because I was always hungry, but I loved trying new dishes and discovering new ways to amaze my tongue and my mind in this absolute search of better food.

Back in the days and even today, homemade food has its own fan base around the world, be it a workspace or a college hostel. We used to crave for homemade food in our college days, and we robbed our hostel mates off their food, whoever brought good food from home. Everyone understands the value of good homemade food. It has everything, it has taste, it has love, and care in it and not to mention that it comes with a load of nutrition. If you are living in the city where you get fewer chances to eat home food, there comes Swiggy at your rescue.

Why order food from Swiggy?

With Swiggy, you can get home-made food right at your doorstep. Once ordered, you will be served with the freshly prepared food. All you need to do is order food from Swiggy on your smartphone. There are various other online platforms that provide you with such services but Swiggy brings restaurants right at your doorstep with so many other perks. The best part is, Swiggy has no minimum order limit so that you can order from tiniest snacks to the big chicken breast in the lunch without any ordering limit. There are times when we just get impatient after ordering foods. Isn’t it!! Worry not, Swiggy has a delivery tracking system which tells you every detail of the food arriving home.

From college going youth to the working men and women, everyone loves to order food from Swiggy as it has provided them with food when they felt like eating home food when they felt the cravings of good snacks while being watching a cricket match or during a party at their place. Swiggy serves the food just the way you want it to be. Hot and fresh!!

Swiggy Coupons

If the hot and fresh food at your wish is not enough reason for you to go and visit Swiggy, the major perk is Swiggy coupons. Once you order food from Swiggy, you will get food delivered in a way cheaper price than mentioned on the website. At times, with Swiggy coupons you will get free foods as well, yes! Believe me, it happens.

Swiggy Coupons at

Now that’s not all my friend. There is one more thing that we are going to tell you so that you can save some more cash. Yes, surprisingly one can save so much more than these Swiggy coupons. To do so you must visit the Swiggy store at -One of India’s highest paying cashback site- where you will find not only the exclusive Swiggy coupons and Swiggy offers but also you can use them for free and, on top of that, you will get assured cash back on the purchase.

With this you have many more reasons to crave for good food, isn’t it??


My new identity is I am a mother of a two year old. I am a teacher and a learner too but as of now a SAHM or rather WFHM as I always like to be financially independent...

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