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Why I chose ‘teaching’ as a profession #Teacher’s Day special

Officially the journey of being a teacher has been very short, just 5 years, but this gives me a feeling that teaching was all in my blood and I couldn’t recognise it on time. Let me disclose this on Teacher’s day that I never thought that I would choose ‘teaching’ as a profession.

My mom and dad used to take classes apart from being in their regular jobs. I sometimes used to assist them, when needed, but never thought about taking it up as a profession. I did my PDGM and took up a corporate job at an Investment bank.

After getting married, I could not find a perfect job for myself even after 2 years. And then someone suggested, ‘why are you wasting your knowledge and education, it’s better to impart it to others.’ And that’s when I applied to a school. And I am glad that I did. I realised, how different but challenging it is to deal with kids. Teaching is that one profession which keeps you right on your toes all the time, keeping you young at heart as you grow with those ever smiling innocent humans. I joined back work recently, and here is a list of reasons that made me go back to teaching:

  1. I remember when I entered my 1st class, I was welcomed with bright smiles and guess what, the ritual still continues. It is that positive vibe which can make you free from all the tensions and stress that you are facing, even in your family. The inquisitiveness in kids inspires teaching them and pushing them harder.
  2. It’s a growing journey, all the time. I learn and grow each day while learning new strategies, ideas, and skills. Teaching makes you learn a lot about yourself. You get to know about your personal skills and brings out the best in you.
  3. I am glad that I get the opportunity to touch the lives of my students and able to give my share to make a bright and productive future. Teachers have the responsibility of moulding our youth into the citizens that are eventually going to run this country. This explains how important this job is.
  4. Teaching brings out the expressive side of you in a much better way than any other profession can. You have your own four walls for yourself and you can be silly and can do things that you would never do in front of other adults, especially in the corporate world. I am a storyteller, a listener, a role model, a mentor, a protector, a parent all at the same time when I am in my class.
  5. This job keeps you active all the time. Every day is a fresh start and there is no chance of being bored or sleepy. You have no idea with what all problems you have to deal with when you enter the class. One minute you may have to sort out a huge fight going among kids and the next you may find that your class has performed with flying colours in a group activity. There is always something going on, from lesson plans to competitions, to planning holiday assignments to practice for annual functions.
  6. Teaching can not just inspire students but can even inspire oneself and not just academically but personally as well. Looking back at my school days, I can still recall many of my teachers who stood out and made a difference in my life. Teaching is all about making connections that will last a lifetime and providing them with inspiration that will take them higher in their lives.
  7. The amount of love that you earn as a teacher can surely fetch you a Bournville 😉 . But yes, you definitely need to ‘earn’ it. Every day you walk into the classroom, you need to have a heart full of love: for children, for the subject matter, for our culture, for new learning, for your and their growth and of course for the future.
The love of my students 🙂

Anybody can step into education and do it, but it is important that you have the heart and care for kids. You have to have that passion to see your kids doing better. If it’s not in your heart to do it, you will wither away. When you are passionate about something that you love, it will shine through. When you love what you do, you will not even make a difference in a student’s life but you will surely make a difference in your own life.

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