A mommy marathon runner…Poonam Grover

Learning and getting inspired is a never ending process. We all have this superpower to learn from others. The only thing to keep in mind is to learn and take only the positivity from others. At every stage, you learn from others, young or old. Here is the story of an inspirational mom, Poonam Grover. She is a marathon runner. Apart from that, she is a part-time educationist but a full time mom, as that is what she feels is her priority. Being a marathon runner and a teacher, she still manages her time in such a way that she is able to hear the stories of her son’s daily routine.

“Step out of that shell of insecurities and start taking advantage of the things all around you. Life is too short to be daring not to take advantage of all the free resources around you. Learn as much as you can from the positive people around you. It’s time for you to start controlling your ego or it would control you and ruin your true destiny in life.”
― Edmond Mbiaka

Poonam in her own words has a soft heart but a strong will too. Once decided, she will be up to it at any cost. But this attribute was not hers, until she got the news that she had a new life in her womb. She had been through a lot many struggles in her life but she was not aware of the fact that she had so much of strength within her. When she conceived, her life was like a test to her where she had to prove herself that she cannot give up and she had to make it work.

purchase Aimersoft Total Media Converter 2 Her childbirth story
This was a struggling journey, as at the time of conception itself she was told that her body wasn’t ready for this and the doctors themselves were not sure if there will be a heartbeat inside her womb. Heartbeat came but was very weak; she had to undergo a mental trauma that she can lose her baby. She then decided to be strong and work towards getting a healthy baby into this world. She had to rush to hospital every second month as she faced spotting, water bag leakage, lack of blood in the body.
What kept her strong was her faith. Faith in motherhood and faith in Lord Shiva. Keeping her life at risk, Poonam gave birth to a beautiful life on Monday, a day supposed be Lord Shiva’s. And this tiny winy boy was thus named Shiven. But as he was born pre mature, he was weak. The baby was shifted to another hospital after 5 minutes. But in those 5 minutes, she made this little boy strong with her positivity. Right after the delivery, for the next two months, she used to make everyday visits to the hospital to feed her baby. Moral and Physical support from her husband, kept Poonam moving and soon she was able to bring his little champion home.

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best price GraphiSoft ArchiCAD 15 And then this new phase of her life started
This started with exercising, which was mainly for her weight loss. Once done with weight loss, she didn’t think about stopping herself from being a fit mommy. She joined yoga or aerobics sessions with her friends. This kept her social life on too. Then this bunch of mommies started with walking, then moved to jogging and then they planned to run for Pinkathon, as they were proud mommies. They did a 5 km run at a good time rate, which motivated Poonam to the next level.

The support from her little son was tremendous, who asked her do a 10 km run too. Poonam hired a coach to improvise her timings and watch out her fitness levels. She made her schedule and followed it religiously to attain the timing of 1hr 20 minutes. Medals kept pouring and then she decided to do a half marathon (21.1 kms, to be precise). Shiven was her strength at the age of 10, whenever she lost hope in herself. He was the one who used to wake Poonam up to be on time for her practice sessions. He wanted her mom to make him proud. Infact he ran with his mom for an official 5kms. She did her 1st half marathon by Standard Chartered with the timing of 2 hr 28 minutes. A phase that stopped her
An artheritical fever hit her, which made completely bed ridden. The limbs that used to be the most active for her were the most affected by this. For one and a half month, the lady who ran 21kms had to drag herself for even 100 metres. By the time she could have risen up from this, she got a frozen shoulder. She suffered with a lot of pain all this while.

Back with a bang
When her friends were getting ready for a full marathon, she was at zero kilometers. She had to be strong willed. She started with her exercising and yoga sessions again. And there she is back with grabbing medals again for her 10 kms that too with good timings.

She is thankful to
Her mom, not because she was there to guide her. The reasons were different. Her mom was arthritis patient, bed ridden for more than 20 years. To Poonam, her mom was like her child. Poonam had to take of her mom . She had no time to rest. But this made her strong for the upcoming journey of her life.
Her husband, who has been a loving and caring support and making her journey beautiful. To Poonam, he is the pillar of strength to rely upon any time. She feels lucky to have him in her life.
And of course her son, to whom she is a proud mommy….


My new identity is I am a mother of a two year old. I am a teacher and a learner too but as of now a SAHM or rather WFHM as I always like to be financially independent...

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