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Inclusive India Initiative was the need of the hour.Why?? Read along….

We don’t have a vacancy right now and not sure when we will have one.” “My teacher is not prepared to handle your child in her class.”, “Could you please ask your child to not touch my baby so much?” These are not dialogues from any popular Bollywood flick or a documentary but words that are spoken by the normal, educated and kind people in our society. These are the words that Simran, mom of an 8 year old having microcephaly, has to hear almost every day of her life.
When she realized that God had different plans for her as a mother, she went through a whirlwind of emotions that most moms of kids with special needs go through. Like many others, her stages of grief also comprised of shock, denial, acceptance and action. While she have come to terms with her child and his needs, the world around still needs to come a long way.
To ease this long journey for the world around Simran and other such ‘special’ ones, Government of India on 6th June 2017, launched Inclusive India Initiative. The complete idea of this program is to bring these special ones into the main stream of ‘non-specials’ The ‘Inclusive India Initiative’ of National Trust is specifically catering to persons with IDDs; with an objective to include these people in the mainstream and in all important aspects of social life, namely education, employment and community.

Inclusive India is all about changing the attitude and celebrating the difference. The idea revolves around creating a sensitive world for everyone and let this special potential blossom.
The Inclusive India initiative is an attempt to facilitate the realization of equal opportunities, protection of rights and full participation of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities into the fabric of society. The 3 core focus areas of Inclusive India Initiative are Inclusive Education, Inclusive Employment and Inclusive Community Life.
Though there are few integrated school, with a special needs section in it, where there are teachers that are equipped to teach kids with learning difficulties and the rest of the children are taught to accept and include our kids into the society, like RB academy at Pune, but Inclusive India campaign is sure to bring up such places at a large scale.

One of the great things that any community can do is not teach tolerance, but live tolerance, not talk respect, but live inclusivity – Michael Pritchard.

All we need to do is understand the fact that they are humans too, who may not understand things as clearly as we do, but they have same kind of feelings, heart and may be much better skills than us.
In order to respect such skills and potentials, Plowns join the hands with the National Trust to make Inclusive India, a success.
Plowns is a platform that promotes and supports creativity in kids. This is done irrespective of the age and needs of a child. Plowns understands the fact that every child is different but creative in his own way and thus gives a web space to showcase the talent in any child. Here the work of the child is visible to a larger audience and the appreciation in the form of stars and comments is sure to boast the morale of anyone.
As a partner to this campaign, Plowns is organising a series of activities to promote this cause. They recently had the Caption contest, where the images showcasing diversity and inclusivity were published each day and the creative minds were to caption it. This activity was done in order to encourage the young audience to appreciate diversity and make them realise that we are all one.

Do check the gallery at Plowns

Currently they are having the theme of celebrating the difference. This is to make parents realise that every child and his potentials are different, irrespective of IDDs.
All you need to do is download the Plowns app or register on the website. Upload a picture of your child with his/her best friend or sibling, mentioning(in your child’s words) why they are different yet love to be with each other in just one line.

Plowns is also one of the sponsors of the Day Breaker Half Marathon, happening on 16th July 2017, to create awareness for an Inclusive India.

So lets join hands together, change our views, become more tolerant and sensitive and let this world be a better place to live in, for EVERYONE.

Source : Economic Times and Plowns
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