Karma served the deserved #wowpost

Jennifer never thought that she would wake up to have a real smile on her face. She had lost this smile, exactly one year ago. She was eighteen and he was twenty-one. He was interested in Jennifer, that is what Jennifer thought. He was cute, smart and her dad’s best friend’s son. What wasn’t to like? He was her boyfriend and she trusted him. It had been just a month when suddenly things turned sour. She never thought that her life could come crashing down around in just one night. But it did. She wasn’t ready for what he wanted. He wouldn’t take “no” for an answer. He used force and violence.

You don’t do that to someone you love. You don’t do that to anyone!

Jennifer was in shock. She didn’t know what to do. She vowed never to tell anyone about what had happened and hid the pain and the bruises hoping no one would ask, but a part of her also wished that someone would notice something was desperately wrong. She hated herself for getting attracted to such a person and so wanted to end her story. But in her head clung the thoughts of the people in her life whom she loved and anything she could think of to keep her sane. She had buried her feelings and the pain for a year.

But one phone call this morning and her inner wounds seemed to be healing. His body was found ensanguined with blood lying on the highway due to a car crash.

As long as karma exists, the world will change…

Today was his ‘burial ceremony’ and ‘Everyone Else Was Grieving’

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