How to keep that spark alive in your relationship

keep that spark alive in your relationship

We’re all guilty of allowing relationships to become the norm especially after becoming parents. Those small things you both used to do turn merely into a memory, as you become more and more familiar and if you’re not careful, the relationship can become stagnant. The predictable soon becomes boring and with that in mind, here are a few ways with which you can keep that spark alive in your relationship.

  • Make Joint Goals –

If you both know exactly how you want your life to be 5 years from now, then you are focusing your energy together, and by talking about all the things you have planned, you are reinforcing the desire, and all the minor dislikes will be pushed to one side. There are sacrifices to be made by both the partners. Yet discussing the future in a positive way is something that will strengthen your relationship in every aspect. If marriage is on the cards, get her one of those unique engagement rings that can be found with an online jeweller – or better still have the ring designed and created.


  • Be Unpredictable

We all become tainted with repetition, so do little things now and then, a red rose or a bottle of wine is always warmly received. In order to hold someone’s interest, you must create an environment where they can never know how you will respond. Open the door for her, stop her in the middle of a conversation and tell her how great she is, all these little things create an air of uncertainty, which in turn, holds their interest in you. And yes…who do doesn’t love surprises, be it just in gestures or words.


  • Have a Great Sense of Humour

The sense of humour is a very powerful way to enrich people’s lives, and while some would say, you either have it or you don’t, you should feel relaxed enough to throw in some humour. Laughter can crush anger, proved by my husband. So try this whenever your partner is really frustrated over something, make a joke and the anger will turn into a smile. You know your partner better than anyone, so focus your humour of an approach that he or she will respond to and this will lighten the complete scene. If a person always laughs in the presence of another, they naturally want to spend more time in their company.


  • Be Supportive

This tip is especially for men. Whatever she is doing, encouragement is always warmly received. So go out of your way to help her in a practical manner. She might have to return an item to the store, or the children need to be picked up from school and by standing up to the plate, you are really showing how much you care for her well-being.


There are articles you can check online detailing some tricks to use to To keep that spark alive in your relationship


Maintaning that lovely bond is something we all should be doing, and by following the above advice, you are certain to be stronger together, and with joint objectives, you will both strive for a better future. Make sure you do this on an ongoing basis, as it is easy to slip back to the routine, and by reminding yourself of your plans in life, and how much of a part she plays, you will strive to keep the fire alight through thick and thin.

Pic Courtesy: by Troy Tolley


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