Her last cup of coffee at the terminal “Hey, they say swiss alps are heaven”.

“Yes they are and I am proud to belong from there. Oh! but I am in no hurry to join the bunch in heaven out there. I am happy with my sins on earth”. Both winked and had a faint smile passing by. They would talk about anything under roof and every time they parted.

Their first meeting was destined to happen.

Sophiya, who looked prettiest in her sea green dress, blonde hair and matching floaters, was hurrying towards the Rajiv Chowk Metro Terminal to catch the Metro to the office. She was a Swiss national on deputation for her country at the embassy at New Delhi. Alone in a new country seemed like a new world to her.

Shane, who was an Aussie by birth, studied in Germany and was here for an exchange programme from his university. Loose casual t-shirt and a denim suited well to his simple and carefree personality. Being a student of Art and Culture he loved new places and was in love with Chandni Chowk.

Both had many options to travel but this metro terminal was special. Sipping a cup of coffee from CCD would result in a strong friendship that too with a complete stranger was unlikely. But it happened, maybe the foreign land played a common factor. They met across a table and shared their names and countries they belonged to. Conversations ahead led to compare the Swiss wines and German beers and some camaraderie was developed.

The coffee breaks became frequent and the terminal CCD remained the venue as Sophiya’s arriving and Shane’s leaving time would perfectly match, and they had 30 mins daily to spend without changing their routines.

For Sophiya those 30 minutes were turning into 30 seconds and she was beginning to long for some more time to spend with Shane. It looked like she was looking out to make a life-long friend out of him or maybe something more. Shane on the other hand also enjoyed the company and was a diehard fan of her dressing sense, but he always had a confused perspective with life and relationships and just wanted to live in the moment.

Suddenly one fine day Shane did not arrive at the cafe for the regular meeting. Sophiya waited and then moved on to her office. Today she felt that those 30mins were like few hours to pass. ‘Waiting for someone you want to meet dearly is so frustrating’, she thought to herself. She even tried calling but there was no response. The same continued for 2-3 days and now she was restless. She decided to visit his university to check on him. But the things were surprising. There was no one called Shane, registered there. Shane Mc Courtney. ‘No, we don’t have any exchange programme student with this name’.

Bewildered Sophiya thought there was something she was missing. Working with an embassy always is a big plus. She checked with the German embassy for the same name. The reply was same. A person with that name never came to India in last year or two. She was so much in awe with his presence that they never clicked a snap together. So, she was missing that clue to help her.

Facebook, Instagram, and all other social media platforms seemed like a failure to her. It was time for her to get back to Switzerland. She was done with her work in India, but she extended it for 5 days to give one last try. The friend at the terminal had become like a terminal illness. Sophiya was looking for an answer. She was looking for a cure. She needed a reason to cry and forget and that is what Shane had not given her yet.

The places were exactly like as they were described by Shane but no one knew him there. The places existed but not Shane. Not even a person matching his physical traits. This was bewildering and the thought was eating into Sophiya. She decided to have a coffee one last time at the same place and get back to her country. On placing the order, she got a message along with her coffee. It said …

“Swiss wines are always better than German beer.

The Alps are heaven and we are here!!

See you at your heaven very soon dear”

Was he a reality or an Imagination? An Aussie or a German? A student or an Illusion. All the answers were left behind with a smile on Sophiya’s face, as she sipped her last cup of coffee at the Terminal. Sophiya just knew that his company always gave her a reason to smile.

As she walked towards the metro heading to the airport, she felt now that she was falling is in love with her heaven and was eager to be there soon.


Love is unconditional … I am taking part in The Write Tribe Problogger October 2017 Blogging Challenge  for prompt 3 ‘Terminal’



My new identity is I am a mother of a two year old. I am a teacher and a learner too but as of now a SAHM or rather WFHM as I always like to be financially independent...

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