Last ticket to my Hometown…Gwalior


Hometown.. a place where we grow up, a place where our heart resides, a place whose roads are perfectly known to us, a place whose every street food has enhanced our taste buds, a place that has our best and worst memories, a place that can make you nostalgic any day. And so is Gwalior to me.

Gwalior was undoubtedly special to me. But with age, I was ready to escape this place as I took off for higher studies. I guess by that time I was sick of people over there (confession and apologies) and wanted something different. I felt I was ready to experience new things at a new place. I just wanted to escape.

I felt great that I could manage to do that. Studied and worked in a better place than my hometown. After all, this was what I wanted. I wanted to grow in ways I felt my hometown couldn’t let me to.  I made new memories, new friends and then it became a new home for me. ‘But really??’ was my question to myself. No. I was loving this new place, new people but still something was missing. I could feel that whenever I had breaks and a chance to go home. I had excitement all the time and a list of plans too. And this excitement continues till date.

But this time things are different. With my parents shifting to a new place, I will not have many reasons left to visit my hometown Gwalior again. So I guess, this is going to be my last visit in November. I wish to enjoy this place to the core in 10days and make the best of memories that I want to cherish forever.

Here is what I am going to miss or cherish forever in my life, the things that make me feel nostalgic. I may get to enjoy a few of them but still, I feel that there cant be anything that could beat the memories that I made in my hometown.

The chattar pattar :

Haha..its a term given by my mom for all the things that I and my sister could find on the streets of Gwalior to relish upon. Poha, karela chat, bedai, samosas, Kachori , aalu tikki chat and pani puri are just a few to be named.

The fort and the museum :

Gwalior has a vast history. Though I am proud of this fact but couldn’t learn more about this from my history books. Not because there wasn’t a mention but because I was bad at mugging up facts for my history classes. For me, the fort and the museum are the histories of Gwalior. If you are in my hometown, don’t miss to visit these places.

Sarafa bazaar

The shopping :

Malls and all came to this place too late. So I enjoyed my shopping sessions at small shops with my parents at Bada, Naya Bazaar, Sarafa Bazaar (for gold and silver) and where not. The best part about shopping here is you get to bargain!! And I enjoy it.. (please don’t judge)

Friend and relatives :

The familiar faces are sure to be missed forever. The neighbours who made great friends for me and my family will be surely missed. Though I am in contact with a few on Facebook, but still that personal touch to our meetings cannot be ignored.

Celebrations at Indian coffee house :

ICH was our favourite destination to enjoy most of the weekends. Birthdays and my parents anniversary had just this place booked for celebration. And to add more to this, our menus were also fixed. Dosas for us and Sambhar vada for mom and dad. And then ‘you want to taste this’ questions!!! Ahh…will cherish those moments forever.

Carmel Convent School and the teachers :

Every time I visit my hometown, I make sure to visit my school and teachers and thank them for whosoever I am today. This is my way of showing love and gratitude towards my creators, my teachers. With no more visits to my hometown, I will have to pay my regards on Facebook now ;).

The fair :

The trade fair that happens every year in Gwalior is not a thing to be missed. This place was more fun when I and my friends visited this bunking tuition classes (Ok mom, I confess!!)

The tonga rides :

For many of you, tonga rides are special. I remember whenever a relative used to land up at Gwalior, their first demand used to be, ‘We want to sit in the tonga’. For me, it used to be an everyday thing. I used to go to my school in Tonga and I loved that all the time (apart from once or twice when the horse would have fallen and I would have been in the air, behind, for few minutes)



So what are the things that make you feel nostalgic about your hometown?


I am taking part in The Write Tribe Problogger October 2017 Blogging Challenge  for prompt 2 ‘Nostalgic’


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