Letter to my son on women’s day

Dear little Devaansh,

I am glad that you came into my life, changing it into a much more beautiful world than it was.

Though it’s too early for you to understand certain things that I wish you to know, but still someday this has to be done. And what better than a Women’s day.

Throughout my pregnancy, I wished it was a girl. But then there is a possibility that maybe few years later I would have been teaching her to to dress up properly or walk properly or talk cautiously when with boys, just as my parents did, pertified with fear that I might fall as a prey to a devil. Thankfully, that did not happen.

But yes, there have been moments when I lost my faith in men. And I feel it’s not just me, they would have been many girls who would have experienced this or may be worse at some point in their life.

And so now I have a bigger responsibility to raise a better you, so that you don’t become a reason for any girl to stop having faith in mankind. I want you to understand that girls are not a thing to be bet or joked upon. I never want you to be a reason for a scar on any girl’s wrist.

I hope I raise you to be someone who respect every woman. I wish you to be kind and generous specially when it comes to helping a girl. I wish I raise you to be a man that every girl is glad to meet. Remember, the way you treat women will reflect upon how I raised you.

I hope I am not having very high expectations and that you will keep making your mumma proud about giving life to a boy.

Lots of love,



This blog post is a part of #Womensdayblogparty . I’d like to thank Shubreet for introducing me. Read her post for this blog party here .
Also do hop on to a lovely momma, Shalu’s blog post.

Both these ladies have some lovely gifts for men this women’s day.

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