Life is a box of cries and laughter

She laid on the hospital bed. Her cries were flowing down only to create a wet patch on the pillow. Her wish to see the world got her here.

Mahi lost her eye-sight five years back when she met with a major accident. No operation was able to bring her life back to normal. All she wanted was her beautiful eyes back. She could not take the pain of the black world around her and attempted to finish her life once for all.

Mahi was growing negative with each passing day. She was just 22 but always thought her life was over. Her parents tried their best to make every moment of her life the happiest one, but all in vain. Like her world, her heart was turning black too.

Lying on the bed she was thinking about why God was not willing to take her life, which she thought was not a life anymore.

And then there was a gentle knock at the door. A voice said ‘Hi! I am Kiran’. Mahi thought her to be the nurse. She sat up and wiped her tears.

Kiran was a bubbly girl. Scarves on her head were always matching to the Kurtis she wore along with a bright smile on her face. She visited all the patients of the hospital every day just to spread her contagious smile. Bringing that on Mahi’s face was not that easy.

Kiran was not a simple girl. She wasn’t giving up on anything anytime. Soon Mahi could find a friend to get her rid of gloominess but still longed for a donor who could give her world back.

This morning was a fresh start for Mahi. Doctors were finally able to find a donor for her after so many years. She was eager to share this news with Kiran but she had not turned up. It has been two days already. The clock ticked and Mahi was taken to the operation theatre.

Doctors announced the operation to be a successful one. She was happy to hear this. The joy of her parents was immeasurable. Mahi could not hold her excitement and asked the old nurse who was checking her BP if she had seen Kiran anywhere. All she heard in reply was ‘Life is a box of cries and laughter’. She thought the nurse to be insane for her answer.

Two days went by. Mahi’s dressing on her eyes was supposed to be removed. But this time Mahi was adamant. As she sees light after 5 years, she wanted to get a glimpse of her new best friend along with her parents. It was Kiran who had brought back the shine of smile on her face. Mahi’s mom came by her side, held her hand and said ‘Kiran is waiting to see the world through your eyes. She passed away due to cancer but left her precious eyes for you’.

Mahi had to control her tears and could now relate to what the old nurse said the other day. Life to her was proving a box of cries and laughter, as she slowly opened Kiran’s eyes. Her life had a new meaning now…a meaningful life, a responsibility of spreading happiness around.

And there she was visiting and greeting every patient of that hospital with a bright smile and making new friends everyday….


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