Me & Ma : Celebrating Zindagi….A review

Out of all the relationships in life, one of the most cherished that a girl share is with her mother. Mothers are the role models of our houses. They become our best friends as we grow up. As a daughter, you can hate your mom or love her, but at the end of the day, she is always there to comfort you. Facing anything that comes your way, she will be your strength forever. ‘ Me & Ma ‘ is one such book that shares a lot of happy moments (sad ones too, that’s life!!) between Divya and her Ma, Dr. Nalini Dutta.

I came to know about Me & Ma when Divya Dutta went live with World of Moms to read her favorite excerpts from the book. Her voice is music to my ears. While I read the book, I could feel as if Divya herself was reading it for me, sitting right in front of me. Though late, I am glad I read ‘Me & Ma’.

The book Me & Ma, gives us a glimpse of a what a mother daughter duo can do together. It truly shows that the relationship between a mother and daughter is so strong and powerful that it can set the stage for other relationships.

It talks about the different phases that Divya went through in her life and how her best friend, her support system, her mom never left her hand. I can so much connect with the story because of the fact that regardless of how old the girl gets, or howsoever mature and independent she becomes, calling up mom for every little thing is sure to happen.

Me & Ma , shows how Dr. Nalini’s motivation, support, and cheering, made Divya step into her shoes of being a strong headed woman. Divya was taught the values of integrity, commitment, and professional ethics by her mom, which she has procured with her. It truly reflects in her writings.

The mid section of this book has some pictures from her album to give you a glimpse of her beautiful journey with her mom.

Later Divya and her mom, interchange their relationships. It was time for Divya to reciprocate the love, care and the affection that she had received from her mom all through her life. It was a great read to see how she performs this duty well along with her work.

The most magical thing about Me & Ma is the small incidents of her life have been knitted in a beautiful manner which is sure to take you back to the memories of your childhood. Though reading the last few chapters is difficult without being teary eyed. But I am glad Divya’s mom is still there to guide her, though from heaven above.

Favourites…quoting from the book :

Do dreams really come true like this? At least Ma always managed to make them come true for me.

She had the confidence in me that I didn’t have in myself but it rubbed off on me.

If anyone took ‘panga’ with me, I could easily have warned them with this famous dialogue from the hit Hindi film, Deewar – Mere paas Ma hai.

It hits you later…each moment spent, things done together, the absence.

Not being there doesn’t mean I am not close to you…

If I held on to the hurt, in the process, I would end up hurting myself more.

Criesnlaughter ratings for Me & Ma : 5/5

Whether you are a mom, a grand mom or a daughter, Me & Ma is sure to leave a beautiful impact and make you think about the unique relationship that you share with your daughter or your mother.
The book is just a click away 🙂

This review would be incomplete if I don’t say a word of thanks to my Mumma …I know I would have told you I don’t know how many times. But still, thank you for everything that you have done for me and will continue to do, to make me a better human being. I love you and will always be your little sweetheart…Dear Puchki…

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