Mother Sparsh Water Wipes : The purest form of baby care

Someone truly said, ‘ Motherhood doesn’t come with a manual, it comes with a baby. ‘ Three years ago, when I became a mom, everything was new for me. My son would have been just a month old when he developed a severe diaper rash and my doctor gave me the root cause for the same. I had been using a lotion based wipe for him, every time there was a need and so I was advised to switch to cotton and water, as there was no Water-based wipe available at that time. A few days back, when I saw Mother Sparsh Water wipes, I wanted to give them a try, not just for me but also for my sister, who was expecting. And I was glad I was able to find something perfect for a new born’s skin. Her champ is 2 months now and she is a happy mom with Mother Sparsh.

Babies have a soft and delicate skin because they have recently come from the womb, where their skin was completely protected. No Sun exposure, no damage and no exposure to chemicals. Pure and gentle. So while you choose a wipe for your baby you need to be cautious about taking care of that delicate skin. Mostly all baby wipes that lotion based are impregnated with chemical products or preservatives, which are used to retain their humidity. These preservatives act as a severe irritant and cause diaper rash. Hence it’s important to keep a check before making a selection.

So here is my take on buy erythromycin for fish Mother Sparsh Water Wipes, completely based on my usage.

Key Ingredients:

buy zestril Purified Water, Aloe Vera extract & Jojoba oil

Key Features

  • 98% Water Wipes
  • Clinically proven for preventing Rashes
  • 100% Plant Fabric with no Polyester
  • Planet Safe being biodegradable
  • Velvety Soft Fabric
  • No Parabens
  • No Alcohol
  • Pocket-friendly

Mother Sparsh Water Wipes are formulated keeping in mind the soft and gentle skin of a newborn.  With 98% water and plant-based Fabric, Mother Sparsh baby wipes are truly as good as cotton & water. The fabric is soft and provides an effective and safe cleaning. There is no soapy kind of feeling after wiping. Unlike other baby wipes, you don’t feel any kind of burning sensations after using these wipes. They have a very mild fragrance. They are easy on pockets too and you get a pack of 80 wipes just @Rs. 185. Mother Sparsh Water Wipes are 100% biodegradable and do not have any polyester. These wipes are dermatologically tested, assuring the new moms that your little one’s skin is in safe hands and there are least chances of any rashes with its usage.

And yes! A flame test was also done, to prove that these are completely polyester free. Do check it out.

Hope this review of mine proves to be helpful to new moms and moms to be!! Do leave your valuable comments 🙂

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