Motherhood memories cherished forever

Being a mom, is like being a gardener. You need to be dedicated, hard working, have lots of patience if you really wish to see your tiny little saplings growing up into plants with beautiful flowers. I love to cherish these transformation memories of my little new born who is now a toddler running around in the house and screaming Mumma, at his full volume 😉

Though I have everything stored right in my brain and heart, but still I prefer the following modes to save myself from the situation when I forget everything while growing old. 😉
On a serious note, these cherished and saved memories bring back a lot of good times, when you seem to be upset about something. I also want to do this for my son, as I believe that sweet are the recollections of the childhood. These fill one’s mind with joy when one looks back to the days of childhood
So talking about the methods I follow to cherish these memories, forever…..
 I love to take clicks. But storing them to keep them safe is a task. So I have different modes to keep them safe.

#Record Book :
I tried my best to find a good scrap book or a record book for my little one, but I always felt that I will need some customization on those. So I decided to make one on my own (I got this idea as I was the activity co-ordinator and organiser at the school where I taught). I have heart warming memories stored in there, till my son completed his 1st birthday. It has his first pictures with everyone in the family, his first smile, his first walk, his first pool bath and what all not. Any day which doesn’t go good, makes me open this record book and this uplifts my mood again.

#Smartphone : I always wanted something with a good memory , so that I can store n number of pictures on my phone and I finally have one. My phone has more that 3k photos and most of them of my little tod and me.

#Laptop :
When my phone gets full, Laptop comes into the picture. I have folders saved month wise, so that I can have a quick look back at the memories build up so far.

#Hard disk :
Though I haven’t used this option as of now, but with the amount of videos and pictures flowing in, I am sure I will have to use it soon and have already bought one to be on the safer side.

#Frame wall :
This is my favourite, as everyone who walks into the house definitely takes a pause there is keen to look at those pictures and say , ‘oh! How cute he looks in there!!!!’

#Social Media :
I always find this one to be the safest. Even if you loose your phone or the hard disk of your laptop just crashes down, you have your memories safe. Facebook, of,course with private settings. And what more!! You can share these memories with your dear and near ones and take the showers of blessings along. And I have faith on Facebook. Even if they plan to shut down any day (which I am sure, they will not ) they will allow to save the memories (just as orkut did before closing forever).

#Journal :
This keeps my everyday records. Good or bad, it keeps my memories in the form of emotions that I go through every day as a mom.

#My blog : It is my own little scribbling world that comprises mostly the experiences and learning that I go through , growing as a mom.

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My new identity is I am a mother of a two year old. I am a teacher and a learner too but as of now a SAHM or rather WFHM as I always like to be financially independent...

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