My Parenting Mantra, for me and not just for my child

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“Your kids require you most of all to love them for who they are, not to spend your whole time trying to correct them.”
― Bill Ayers

For me , my child is perfect. He is smart, intelligent and genius. This little one is not a thing to be molded. He is a human to be loved unconditionally. My parenting mantra is not for my son but actually these are the golden rules for me. These are the mantras that I try to follow to raise myself as a perfect mom to this perfect child.

  • Walk the talk

For my child, I am his role model. Whatever he learns begins from me. So before I ask him to do anything, it is important for me to follow the same. If I want that he should pray every morning, it is important that he sees me praying every day. I cannot make rules for him that I don’t abide to by myself. If I want him to keep his room clean and throw the waste into the dustbin, it is necessary to put in my efforts to keep my house and surroundings clean too. This rule has definitely brought in a lot of changes in me too. It is like raising myself with my child.

  • Raise him to be independent

This one is important especially when I have a boy. Indian families often tend to the raise their girls perfectly. They know how to manage a house as well as work together. But what about the boys??  I have seen many families, where men seem to be paralyzed and totally dependent on their wife or mom, when in the house. It’s difficult for them to raise themselves up from the couch even for a glass of water or to keep their dishes after eating food. Why??

I don’t want to be biased to my son and want to raise him in equality with today’s generation of girls. So that in future as well he won’t have to depend on anyone for his basic needs.


  • Say ‘No’ with a twist

Yelling ‘No’ doesn’t help..Been there, done that. What if you were told ‘Nooooooo’ , ten times in a day. Won’t that be irritating? .I have a toddler in my house and toddler tantrums are sure to follow. At this age, it is difficult to understand the meaning of ‘No’ for them but not impossible, but only if said in an effective and positive way. The tone of voice, expressions and gestures can be more effective.

Read more about How to say ‘No’?

  • Talk Positive

This is a magical rule and has worked wonders for me. Talk only positive about your child when he is around, even if you have the craziest child on the earth. May be, he would have thrown ‘n’ numbers of tantrums throughout the day, but tell others that you have the most loving and peaceful child (especially when he is around). Don’t talk anything negative about your child be it for his eating habits, his nature, his tantrums. You are sure to see the positive impact of the same.

My toddler cried a lot while he started his preschool. Everyone used to ask him, ‘Why you cried. You don’t have to cry. You are a strong boy.’ But then I started answering everyone that he didn’t cry at all. He was enjoying at his new school. And I could see the change in him in just two days. Now he wishes me a bubye with a hug and goes to his class with his friends. (All thanks to Mrs. Anjali Yadav, founder of TNJ International School, for introducing me to this golden mantra.)

  • Develop camaraderie

Being a good listener has helped me to make this mom-kiddo bond stronger day by day. Though my son has just started to make complete sentences but I love to listen to his stories of his school, his play ground and yes, the stories that he makes on his own. Following this rule for has not just helped me in building a bond but this way my son has started listening to me too.

  • Develop sense of imagination

I believe reading books, playing outside, creating own games, pretend and play can be more creative than sitting at home with gadgets. Though, I won’t deny that fact that there is a very limited screen time for my son, but making his own ways out from boredom matters a lot. This is making him more creative day by day. His pretend and play games gives the family a giant laugh.

  • Shower love

My child is my world. All I need to do is shower a lot of love to make my world a happy place to live in. Lots of hugs and kisses throughout the day, make my son and me happier. It has also helped me in growing up as a tension free mom. Those tiny moments are enough to take away all the stress from me.

  • Believe yourself

God has blessed moms with a special power of intuition. I was all alone when my son turned two months. Based on this super power, I was able to raise a healthy and a happy child. I realised that I know more than what I thought I do. It is over powering love for their children that brings this skill of intuition to every mom. Our inner conscience is there to guide us. We need to listen and get guided by this inner voice. Read more about this super power in me.

  • Include ‘Dad’ too

Inclusive parenting is important. There are times when handling a child alone, makes me lose my cool on the little one. So, the support system, my husband takes up the charge. This way I feel sane and my little baby enjoys the company of his dad. At the end of the day, we need to sail through the journey of life in the same boat, together. Read more about the parenting journey from Mr.Dad.


Hey!! Continue to be a part of our blog train journey with my fellow blogger Pranita, who is a skillful mom to a toddler, blogging at MerogAndMom ,next to share her parenting mantra with us. Stay tuned for that!!!

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