My Rakhi Memories

I would have been around 9 or 10 then. The kids of that age today are far more advanced and informative than I was. I would say, I was still too innocent to understand the world. It was the festival of Rakshabandhan approaching. Unlike today, when you can send Rakhi and Rakhi Gifts online, buying Rakhi itself used to be exciting. Almost everybody at school was talking about the special plans for the day or what kind of Rakhi have they bought for their brothers or what are the gifts that the brothers have planned to give their sisters on the special occasion of Rakshabandhan. 

Such talks made me all sad and disheartened as I was blessed with a younger sister. I was upset the whole day at school and was cursing God for not giving me a brother. As I reached home, there was an outburst of tears and anger. I told my mom, ‘I need a brother that’s it!!!’. My mom was literally laughing. I guess because she knew the reason behind it or maybe because of my innocence. She calmed me and asked me a reason behind it. And all my innocence could say was to tie a Rakhi to and to receive a gift.

She sat and made me understand the importance of the festival and said that ‘Rakhi is an emotional thread that can be tied to a person who is there to support you, guide you and protect you. So, you being an elder sister have to do this for an entire life of yours and that is why your sister will tie Rakhi on your wrist’. But I wanted someone to tie Rakhi and hence my demand continued. To this, she had an answer ready too. ‘Maybe someday, when you grow old, you might just need her. Or maybe someday she acts as a saviour for you and so even you should tie a Rakhi to her.’

The idea was not bad and it was a win-win situation for both of us as both of us were to receive gifts from each other. So initially few years of Rakshabandhan, passed by with the thoughts of gifts and pretty Rakhis. But then, this bond was growing strong. With every passing day, with every fight, it was the bond of love blooming. We never realised that mom’s words will be so true. We were always there for each other. I even remember bunking a class to keep a check on her when she wasn’t well. And then when she grew taller than me, it felt like I have a bodyguard walking next to me…lol.

Whenever we used to fight, my mom always said that ‘you girls will miss each other only when you will part your ways’ or rather she meant ‘when you get married’. And that was in real. My sister learned to call me DIDI when I left for Bangalore. That distance was enough to prove the importance we held in each other’s life. This does not mean that we don’t fight any more, but the bond is strong forever.

…I remember how we used to have cat fights which literally used to result in losing a few strands of our hair. I remember how we used to enjoy barf ka Gola outside the school I remember how your friends used to come to me to say that didi ..Monika is crying and need you. I remember how we used to have code words for a lot of things ..I remember how I used to get irritated when you grew up taller than me and I stopped going out with you. I remember how at your first Chums you looked up to me to guide you. I remember how you handled my wedding for me ..I remember how you shared your secrets with me ..I remember how you seeked for my advice for the career and family. I remember how a maasi was much more excited than a mom…I am happy and proud to have you as a sister (if not a bro) and so I send a Rakhi to you every year you loads… . . . .

 Thanks to that ‘thread’ of Rakhi for making it special for both of us.



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