Online market players and their secret of success

Online market players

The online marketplace is the fastest growing trading ground in India. Every other day, one can find new online market players entering the arena and existing players offering something new to woo customers. The online retailing in India is dominated by two main giants: Home Grown- Flipkart and Global powerhouse- Amazon. These two companies are competing for head-on, to capture the largest pie of this lucrative market. While Flipkart has a wide variety of products, Amazon offers have been successful in attracting a large database of customers. In this interesting battle, every move is countered by an equally brilliant move from another. The latest addition to this battle is their own brand of Smart Phones.

Over 50% of revenue generated by both these online market players, Amazon and Flipkart, come from the sale of smartphones. With average use time of a smartphone being 2 years, there is lots of untapped market for years to come.

While all companies are trying to get more value out of this scenario, Flipkart and Amazon are at an advantage as they have something which other mobile manufacturers lack. Both the companies have access to massive amount of user data regarding the preferences of Indian customers when it comes to smartphones.

Both the companies have used this data smartly and successfully to unleash a new weapon from their inventory – their own brand of smartphones.

In November 2017 Flipkart launched the first smartphone from their in-house brand- ‘Billion’. The first product was Brilliant Capt6ure+ which came in two variants; one with 3GB RAM and 32 GB internal storage of Rs.10,999/- and another with 4GB RAM and 64 GB internal storage model for Rs. 12,999/-.

Within a month, in January 2018, Amazon launched their own brand of smartphone ’10.or’ (Tenor). It has initially launched three different models targeting much cheaper price range than Flipkart. The tenor phones are tagged as “Crafted for Amazon”. Both of the launches are fairly successful in the Indian market.

That brings an exciting question:

what is the secret of these two service-based companies to launch two successful products? Both these companies have gathered a lot of knowledge and data in regards to customer preferences and market base.

Whenever a customer goes to buy a smartphone in either of the app or website of these companies, they leave a trail of their preferences and features that they are looking for and the price range they are willing to pay for the same.

The general trend of the customers includes good processor speed, value for money, excellent camera quality and long-lasting battery. After processing an enormous amount of data both the companies were able to shortlist these mast sell features at one place. For example, knowing that the customers like to take unlimited pictures and videos, Flipkart has included the dual camera in their phone along with unlimited free cloud storages service. Amazon did over 900 tests on their products based on this data, including one test of dropping the smartphone from 15 meters height to test the strength of the phone.

It is said that knowledge and information are the ultimate power. The success attained by these two giant online market players has proved the point yet again.



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