A pair of walking shoes at the Dumas Beach

It was around three years back…almost the same time of the year…the monsoons. But it was the most perfect beach day. We decided to visit Dumas beach.

I and my husband had often been there. We usually used to park our vehicle and stroll around the coastline. Yes, the romantic walks…hand in hand and our feet touching the incoming waves now and then. It was our way of relaxing from the week’s stress and spend some quality time with each other. That day we went far ahead strolling and miscalculated the time it would take to walk back. The sun was setting behind us and we suddenly realized we were too far from our vehicle. Then he started to discuss the infamous sunsets and the haunted stories to joke around with me. But I was scared. The thought was getting to my mind and I was now in an annoying mood.

Suddenly Ratnesh also realised the spookiness in the air. His expressions also started changing. Now he was trying to comfort me but had a disillusion end look on his face. We ran to where we had kept our shoes on a sand heap from where we entered the beach area. We suddenly noticed an extra pair of shoes near ours. There was no one around though. A single pair meant someone has come alone at this time to the beach. We looked at each other but didn’t say much. Trying to hide our anxiousness from each other and just trying to be normal.

For once we took our shoes and were in a mood to sprint but my kind-hearted husband asked if we should try and find out if someone unknowingly has come to the beach at this time. I had other thoughts but he just went ahead looking without waiting for my answer. I could hear the wind talking in my ears. All I wanted was to run back to our vehicle with my husband. But leaving aside my thoughts, I also tried looking here and there for the person whose shoes were lying there. Unsuccessful in locating anyone I came back to find the shoes moving towards water. Before I could understand anything and scream, Ratnesh grabbed my hand and we ran as fast we could. I was shivering and was feeling as if I would faint anytime but somehow we managed to reach our place safely.

The above story was completely fictional and has no relation to reality. There are many such more stories that you may find on the internet about Dumas Beach. These stories have made this place as one of the most haunted beaches in India….Dumas Beach, near Surat. We have been there many a times but haven’t experienced anything paranormal.


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