Parenting journey…when re-winded

Becoming a mother brings with it a great sense of responsibility. It has been two and a half years; I have started with my parenting journey. So far…so good. But what if I had a chance to start my parenting journey again, would things change? May be, a yes. A yes majorly is for me. For my child, I think, I am his perfect mom. I have no doubts about my parenting mantra, which comes in as a super power to every mom, in the form of intuition. I have no doubts on my motherhood skills but here are a few of the things, if done, would have made this journey more wonderful, at least for me.

Parallels Desktop 5 Be more calm
I have taken each every small situation too seriously and have reacted badly to many tiny situations making a mountain out of a mole. This has many a times hampered my love life. But thanks to by DH who understood the fact that I am raising my child all alone, with just him around. So, he was like a punching bag to me, at times ;).

Be guilt free
Every time my baby used to cry and I couldn’t calm him down, I used to blame myself that I am not raising a happy child. However, I realised later that my champ is a little different from others. He keeps his smiles reserved for special occasions and is more into the little world of his own research in his mind.

Used baby carriers
I gave up on these very soon. I bought a great baby carrier, spending thousands. I tried making my tiny one sit in there cosily with me twice but he did not liked the idea. So I had to carry him hanging on me, wherever I went and donate the baby carrier. I guess I should have given it few more chances and my life would have some more sanity.

Used cloth diapers
I wasn’t aware about these until the recent times, when I read about these in an article. Though my baby was completely diaper free by one year, these would have been a better option than the normal ones. Yes!! We have to think about our environment too and why not when we have good options.

Be a social bird
For atleast one year , I had literally tied up myself inside the house. My family went for a mini vacation to Mussorie when my little one was 6 months and I denied for it thinking it can be a lot of temperature change for my baby and the result was I was left alone in the house, repenting my decision.

Spared out time for myself
Though I lost my pregnancy weight too quickly , but I think to keep myself fit I should have carried on with my walking routines at least. I gave up on most of my hobbies, including reading which I enjoyed doing every night before going to sleep. (Not to worry…I am trying to be on the track)

Leave the stress of achieving milestones
I received my son’s first smile only after he turned 1.5 months, so was most of the times worried. If he will talk on time or not , was my major concern. I used to take a lot of stress and thus bother his paediatrician as well with a lot of questions. My major concern has now become a challenge when my 2.5 year old ask me ‘n’ number of questions.

But as said ‘Better late than never’. Even though I cannot reverse the time but can definitely make the best use of what I have.

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My new identity is I am a mother of a two year old. I am a teacher and a learner too but as of now a SAHM or rather WFHM as I always like to be financially independent...

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