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Gifts are something that I have always loved. More than receiving them, I am more excited when I have to surprise others with gifts. It was my in-laws’ wedding anniversary and I was looking for some different and unique this time. I really tried hard to find something for them both online and offline. I had no clue what exactly I was looking for but wanted something that will touch their heart and soul. Then I stumbled upon that provides products that are personalised to give that unique and personal touch. I decided to check them for the gift I was looking for and here is my experience with Perfico.

Experience with Perfico

Perfico welcomes you with a beautiful layout with a menu bar to ease your search based on relationship or occasions. The slider shows whats new on the website or which is the most popular thing among the customers, to give you an idea of what Perfico holds for your loved ones.


Though I definitely wanted to jump quickly on the category of Anniversary gifts, the woman in me wanted to look at the other categories as well. So I gave a thought to check out something for my boy too.

I quickened my search on Perfico with the menu of Search by relationships and moved to Gift for boys only to find so many options that can be personalised for my little one. But what caught my eyes were the Cute Personalised sports bottle. I really wanted something of this sort as every morning I was labelling the water bottle for my son. With the thought of ‘this can make my work easier and its so cute!!’ I grabbed this in my cart. Priced at just 699INR, this bottle can hold 600ml of water.  It has a pull tab for easy drinking for the little ones and has a cap to protect the pull tab from dirt when not in use. A cool screw top makes it perfect for the grown-ups too. It has a keyring that allows you to attach it to your backpack. Being extremely light in weight and durable, this seemed like a perfect buy for my son.

We always feel that there are limited gifting options for boys but Perfico has a good range in ‘Gift for boys’ section.

Moving on to my need for the gift for my in-laws I navigated to Anniversary gifts section again to be blessed with so many options to choose from. I finally managed to shortlist a perfect thing to accompany their next trip…Passport covers for the couple. They both love to travel and what could have been a better gift than these classically beautiful covers.


Made with Faux Leather, these passport holders are not only beautiful but very practical too. These covers are not just for keeping the passport safe but has plenty of room and pockets inside to hold 3 cards, boarding pass or e-tickets. There is also an extra pocket underneath to store any important documents or receipts.

Do check the other designs of passport covers that Perfico has to offer.



When I placed the order, I expected to receive them in a week as there were two things to be personalised but to my surprise, I received my parcel within two days of placing the order. That was too prompt, isn’t it.



For the quality and finish provided by the brand, the pricing seems to be perfect.


The checkout process is smooth and hassle-free and involves just three steps, guiding you on the personalization and proceedings.


Criesnlaughter definitely recommends Perfico

I would love to recommend the website to everyone, especially ones who are more keen on buying the products that can be personalised for your loved ones.




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