Prepare your child for a move, with Alpana Deo’s ‘A Girl in the New Town’

Books for me are my first love. With a full-time job and a toddler in the house, these have definitely taken a back seat, but the love is still there. So, whenever I get an opportunity to grab a book, I never leave it. This one is definitely special as it comes from a blogger turned author friend, Alpana Deo. The book, A Girl in The New Town, through a piece of lovely fiction, talks about the emotions that a child has when his/her family moves to a new town.

I have never faced this situation in my childhood, as my dad never took a promotion (so that he doesn’t get transferred to another location). Even though I remember how I felt when my friends left for different places, but never realised that moving to a different place can be so traumatic for kids. Kids definitely need some time and special attention during this transition.

What is ‘A Girl in the New Town’ all about??

The lines on the cover page say it all….” Places change, minds change, people change, memories don’t….”

“A Girl In The New Town” is a story of a smart talented 3rd grader named Ria who lives with her mom and dad. She has been a perfect child in perfect surroundings when she gets the news of shifting to a new town. She doesn’t want to leave her friends and doesn’t know what to expect from the new place. The news of the move has been bothering her. As the story moves ahead ……………ssshhhh….everything cannot be disclosed !!! You need to read the book to know how she comes out of this dilemma and How her parents made this move easy for her?

What I liked about the book!!

  • Emotionally well captured
  • A great read for 7-10 years old with an easy vocabulary
  • Shows the beautiful strong bond between parents and kids
  • Parents can surely learn a lot from this book
  • Filled with a lot of positivity
  • Shows the never breaking bond of true friendship
  • Can definitely help someone making a move, be it a parent or a child

What more could have been done?

  • A few colourful pictures could have been added to make the read more enjoyable and interesting for kids.

Tips that I, as a parent, picked from this book

Relocating your family can be exciting, but it also comes with emotional stress for you and your kids. Here are a few tips from the book that can make things easier :

  • Talk about it

Whenever you talk about the move, it is important that we just don’t just tell the kids about what will be different and good about the new place. Make sure to calm the anxieties about the important things that will stay the same.

  • Allow their emotions to flow out

Even if the child is excited about the move, be aware of the fact that some of the losses are difficult to handle, especially if the relocation means separating from someone they love like best friends. All kids accept things at their own pace, you need to make this phase easy for them.

  • Be positive

For school going kids, it’s not just important for them to see your feelings but also how you manage those emotions constructively. Negativity rubs off on your child, so try to highlight the wonderful things that your child can expect at the new place.

  • Get familiar with the new surroundings

Be sure to give your child opportunities to meet new pals. Meanwhile, do let the child stay in touch with his/her old friends. We often expect our kids to make friends on their own, but it would be great if we can show them how. Helping your child to make new friends will surely make your bond with your child stronger.

  • Bolster the confidence

Let your child know that he/she is the best and wherever they go, they will make friends because they are very friendly. Remind them about the friends that they made at the old place and reassure them that they’ll do the same in the new surroundings.

  • Read this book

Last but not the least, let your child read this book ‘A Girl in the New Town’ or in fact read it along with your child.  You and your kid can relate to the ups and downs of this well-penned story.


Disclaimer: The book was sent to me for the review but the views and the opinions are completely personal.
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