Second Chance by Dr. Sandeep Jatwa – Book Review

Books have always been my friends. We were having a long distance relationship for three long years since I became a mom. May be I took it as an excuse. I needed a motivation to be back with books and I got that with a book named ‘ Second Chance ’. Co incidentally named apt for this moment, isn’t it?

The book has been written by Dr. Sandeep Jatwa. Who is an MBBS from M.G.M Medical College, Indore.

With amazing imagination power, he likes to spend his free time by scribbling stories. This book is also inspired by his thoughts of educating children who beg or work and have less opportunity to make their life meaningful.

‘ Second Chance ’ revolves around a businessman, blessed with a silver spoon ‘Mr. Shekhar Kapoor’. Money, which was his father’s earnings, had made him blind. He wanted a fast and successful life and was ready to do anything to achieve the same. Frauds and insulting people were a part of his everyday deeds. Warnings from ‘City of Justice’ could not change him and he continues to live his life on his own terms. Until one day, when he meets an accident and is dead.

‘City of Justice’ welcomes him to show him a mirror to his life. But was that too late for him to understand his mistakes? Was he given a ‘ Second Chance ’ to correct his deeds? To unfold this untold story, endeavor to read this book.

My take on ‘ Second Chance ’

The book is sure to inspire you and make you realize the importance of each moment that God has bestowed upon you. It teaches some very important lessons for life. The book makes me realize that each one of us has a ‘City of Justice‘ in the form of our conscience. It is there at all the times to guide us and give us many chances to choose our deeds. The book makes you understand the importance of people in your life over the materialistic things.

The book overall is a good read. The way words have been knitted, makes it easy to understand. The characters and incidents have been linked to each other, perfectly. The twists and turns in the story won’t let to stop from reading ahead.

Criesnlaughter rating :


Few of my favorite lines from the book :

If you have everything but it doesn’t make you happy, then it is nothing.

A blessing is more precious than any expensive gift in the world.

No money can give you contentment and happiness.

A small cottage wherein laughter lives is worth more than a castle full of tears.

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