Her smile, everyday, gives a new meaning to my life

With so many facilities and happy moments around, we still tend to crib at times and think our life sucks. We get frustrated when we have to handle both work and home all alone. We always dream about a job profile while can pay well to buy a Mercedes or a BMW, even when we are a leading a well off life. Not satisfied at the professional front, we tend to feel that we don’t have a happening personal or a social life or rather to put it in a better way…no life at all. On the contrary, she enters my house everyday with a smile. ‘Anshu beta!! Kaise ho?? Chalo upar sofa pe baith jao , aunty ab jhadu poncha karegi’ (Little Anshu, how are you? Sit on the sofa, I will sweep and mop the floor now). Yes, she is my househelp.

Her day begins at around 4 in the morning or sometimes there is no waking up as she won’t get sleep when there will be not enough for them to feed on. They live in a small room, which does not even have some basic amenities. They are a family of 6 and managing four kids, two boys and two girls, is not easy. She finishes her household chores, prepares food and breakfast for husband and kids, sends them to work and school and then is off to work by 7. Her earning per month is some 10k by working in some 11 houses. She sweeps, mops , clean the utensils and in return earns a little bread for the family, some torn clothes, leftovers to feed on and rough hands.

She reaches back home picking up her kids from school and then have her first and the last meal for the day. This is to save money that way so that she can teach her kids well. Her dreams involve that her kids study well and get good jobs. She is illiterate and feels that because she could not study she had no other option but to work this way, to survive. The only reason she works so hard is because she do not want her kids to indulge in this work and lead a much better life.

She tries to save 20 rupees in a week, so that she can give the best to her kids. For her, there is always a stress for the future of her kids. She worries about if they will have enough for the next day or for any emergency, if arises. But she never lets her kids or anyone else for that matter know about those worry or stress. There is always a pleasant smile on her face. She has so much of contentment on her face and so much of peace that we usually do not have with the kind of frustrations that we bear.

Evenings for her are the happiest part of the day. She sits down to listen to the stories of her kids. She loves to spend time with the family, forgetting about the tensions and worries of her life. This makes her fresh and active for the next day.

Every day of her life can teach us that ‘Happiness is a perception’. It is all in our head. It is just that we don’t notice it oftentimes. We are just running behind materialistic things and planning for our life, even when we know that life is about uncertainties.

The feeling of being happy or unhappy, rarely depends on our absolute state. It depends on our perception of the situation, on our capacity to be satisfied with what we have. – Dalai Lama

PS : My only motive behind featuring her day is to make me and others understand that house helps are human beings too. Treat them no less than that. If you feel something is not edible for you, it is equally not good for her to feed upon. If you feel you won’t look good in torn clothes, then even for her clothes are meant to cover her body. Festivals hold importance for her as well. It should be okay if she takes a day off to celebrate them with the family.



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My new identity is I am a mother of a two year old. I am a teacher and a learner too but as of now a SAHM or rather WFHM as I always like to be financially independent...

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