Spreading the light of literacy

“It is an occasion to mark achievements and reflect on ways to counter remaining challenges for the promotion of literacy as an integral part of lifelong learning within and beyond the 2030 Education Agenda,” said the UNESCO statement.

This year, 51st International Literacy Day was celebrated across the world with the theme of ‘Literacy in a digital world’. The aim was to look at what kind of literacy skills people need to keep their pace with increasingly digitally mediated societies and to create effective literacy policies that can leverage the opportunities that the digital world provides.

Technology has definitely changed the way people think, live, learn and most importantly socialize. This has led to people being more informative, skillful and helped them in gaining more employment opportunities.

Education has become easy and more interesting for the students as we move ahead in this digitalized world. Students from villages are also having access now to online education or tutorials. New areas of opportunities have opened up for the women, ready to do ‘Work from home’.

But still, there is a lot more to be done. There are many kids who do not even the basic amenities and so of course education is a far apart thing for them. Important is to spread awareness that literacy can bring not just the basic amenities to them but can also develop their potential to participate in the community effectively.

I really like the way my house help thinks. She has two kids a boy and girl. She treats them equal and sends them to school. This is what is her take on education for her children. ‘I do not want my children to do the work that I am doing. I know they can do much better in life if they have access to education’. All we need to do is spread this thought process to every house.

With this thought, I conducted ‘One day One story’ program with Pratham books. ‘Pratham books’ where can I buy Perfect Photo Suite 9  is a not-for-profit publisher who believes that books are for every child to enjoy. They have story books with an aim to have something good for every child in every part of the world. They conduct many events including the one on World Literacy Day and I was lucky enough to be a part of this one.

I conducted two sessions (at home), one in Hindi for the kids of the house-helps around my society. The other one was in English for the kids of my society. Though I did this on a small scale this year, the satisfaction level after doing this was much high. The smile on their faces was enough to tell me that they enjoyed it and of course it would have made their relationship with the books a lot better.

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A day well spend with #kottaviraja and his sleepy kingdom from @pratham.books and these little hearts. It was fun narrating the story to the ones who have all the time in world to listen to it…Kids … We conducted activities like guessing the name of the story, mini quiz, act sleepy and much more to keep the story interesting all the while. And ofcourse there were some free goodies which included #theredraincoat by @pratham.books to motivate the little beings to read books.. Thanks Pratham Books for the opportunity.. . . . . #story #narrating #books #raiseareader #worldliteracyday #momblogger #teacher #kidsarefun #booksforkids #booksfortoddlers #onedayonestory #storybooks #storyfortoday #storyforkids #futureofthenation #pbchamps

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Education helps an individual to become self-reliant and achieve success in life. It should not seem like a burden to kids, any day.  It should have some fun to keep that magic alive. The aim of education should be imparting of knowledge of not just facts but also values. And story books are the best source of doing that.

I am sure to conduct and be a part of such events every month from now onwards. So this will be my way of returning to the community that I live in.

So how do you plan to do your bit to spread the light of literacy and empower people around you?


PS: This is not a sponsored post.

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