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A teacher is the one with whose care, love, patience, generosity, boundless thoughtfulness we are created. being a teacher, I now understand what a tough job they have been doing.

Trust me, handling a bunch of 40-50 naughty tots is not at all an easy job. A teacher adds a lot of love to grow each kid to make him/her a loving individual. We can never imagine how much teachers contribute to change the world. They spark the creativity in every student they teach. Achieving our goals, would not have been possible without their help. Teaching is the only profession which makes other professions stand. There are no words which can actually describe how much they value in our lives.

A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning. Brad Henry

So here are the views of few of my favorite ones, taking about their teaching experiences, life changing and the challenges that they deal with as a Teacher.

Mrs. Mamta Agarwal


‘Nearly with an experience of 30 years. in the teaching profession, I   find myself quite contented. My students are my strongest support and my precious treasure. They make me feel energetic and accomplished.

Present days are different and the kids have evolved accordingly.

Gone are the days, when a chalk in a teacher’s hand could solve every mystery. The well-informed kid of today needs a better methodology to be worked at. Dictatorship has no place now. We need to keep a track of these kids, watch them from a distance and provide them with a little space for fostering their creativity and independence.

Sir John (I have not known him by any other name)

teacherI am teaching from last 27yrs. It has been a long journey. Teaching is my passion and l love and thank God for it. There is a drastic change in my life after l became a Teacher. A teacher is just a word with seven letter but holds a lot of meaning to me. What l feel today is a great teacher should think like kids and learn along with them.

After l became a teacher l became more responsible, more caring and loving and started learning new from the students. But sorry to say that nowadays that respect and love toward the teacher is lacking. The bond of Guru and shishya is no more. l don’t want to blame the student. It is the present scenario, media, electric gadgets. l feel children need love which they don’t get at home. Personal counseling will do great wonder, is what my experience says.

Mrs. Sujamani Jayamohan

teacherI have been teaching in Carmel Convent senior secondary school since 1996. If we compare the present students with that before 15 years, of course, a great difference is there. Present students are from a nuclear family where most parents are working. So in most of the situations, we find them as attention seeking, hyperactive etc. Most of them being a single child are not ready to share and care. In addition, they expect a parental care from the teachers. Being teachers, we have to be more patient and loving to them. In the real sense, school is their second home and we are their second mothers. This experience has changed me to what I am today. Also, to become a teacher was my choice. So I am very happy with my little ones.

Being teachers, we have to be more patient and loving to them. In the real sense, school is their second home and we are their second mothers. This experience has changed me to what I am today. Also, to become a teacher was my choice. So I am very happy with my little ones.

Mr. Sanjay Saraswat

teacherThis is my 26th year of teaching. The teacher of me has made me more accommodating to the perspective of others and has sharply accentuated the ability to figure out the right and wrong. The best part of being a teacher is that it made my age just a number and nothing has changed in me. It has changed me as a human when I can immediately see the reflection of my effort in the delighted faces of my students. This has made me honor hard work more and more with each day.

Today the generation seems more mechanized towards themselves, family, teacher, and society. The absence of values is a sad change. Taking success easy and hard to deal with is a contrasting but a must done reflection in today’s kids. This can be changed only by imbibing true education in the hearts of students and not degrees in their minds. It has to b a collective effort. Old values and tradition must be made known and parents may even think of being in a joint family as it is the best place through which kids learn in the present and lead in future.

Mrs. Nisha Philip

I never even had a dream of a career as a teacher. But now after 22 years as a teacher as cannot imagine me in another profession.

Being a teacher has taught me that you will always be a student. It has given me many a glimpse into the depth of the nobility of this profession.
Today’s students pose a challenge to the teacher. Sometimes it would be constructive when they question us and make us think for the right explanation. Sometimes it is a tough challenge when a student would purposely try to be naughty. As an English teacher, I feel that they have lost their interest to know the correct way of using the language and spellings.These situations can be dealt with by being alert and updated

Mrs. Mansi Dadlani

teacherMy journey into teaching has been 20 years long. I took my early years of teaching as a source to earn my pocket money but slowly and gradually I realized that my some words of appreciation.. little efforts can bring a huge change in the life of a student. And then teaching became my passion. I love to teach no matter whatever grade my students get. My concern is only teaching. I gained so much experience that once I enter the class I can catch slow learners or students with learning disabilities.

I love to teach and groom those students. …..and this has changed my life. I am in love each and every child.

Ten years back students were more academic centered and concerned about the career. There was no traffic of technology like today. They loved to learn and today they love to explore No doubt technology is appreciated but its effect is extreme nowadays. Earlier students loved to play outdoor games but today they don’t leave any chance of using gadgets.

A new beginning has to be marked by parents and teaching system. Without gadgets, learning by doing is possible just as it was during olden days. Teachers can teach out of the box without using smart boards. Parents instead of taking them to theatres, which are nowadays wearing the dress of vulgarity, should take them to the places where a child’s motor skills and life skills can be developed.

Mrs. Mamta Saxena

teacherI always thought that becoming a teacher was not my cup of tea. But gradually I learned to be patient and deal with the problems of life. It taught me to cope-up with different child psychology.

Nowadays children are more open to media so they are more prepared than we are. Therefore, we also have to be on our toes, ready to answer to their queries.

It’s not easy but every problem has a solution. Today everything is available to easily so they are open to all good or bad things. It’s our duty to show the difference between good or bad. Today as a teacher, I believe that we have to first understand child psychology.Every child has their own space and so we cannot deal them with the same system.

Love, affection, patience, care and biggest of all a proper communication is the best way to deal with today’s  generation.

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